Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Spring is Springing

Well I don't know what the weather has been like in the rest of the Country but it's been ruddy lovely Oop North this weekend.

As such, I donned this lovely light Jeffrey & Paula shirt (no longer available I'm afraid, you may borrow mine if needs be),  rolled up my Spring Blue Chloe jeans from Simply Be and debuted my new Topshop Nelly sandals.

Ooooh it feels so good to not be layered up and to let my poor tights banished feet get some air.

The sandals are ones I've been contemplating since I saw them in store. Topshop shoes go up to a 9 in so many styles but much of the time they're what I call "fake 9s" (boooo hisssss). Thankfully all three pairs of shoes I've had this year have fit me without having to origami my toes in. 

They look like they have wooden heels but THEY DON'T - IT'S A TRICK. A very excellent trick because they're actually really light, making them much less hazardous for me to have about my person. 

My lovely sister bought me this lippie for my birthday. I've never tried YSL before but this is an excellent first foray,  the shade is a lovely scarlet with a pinkinsh pigment (doesn't come through too well in these pictures) and has excellent lasting skillz.

Don't forget that you can win a pair of the Simply Be Chloe jeans like the ones above simply by tweeting with the hashtag #chloejeansgirl - These jeans make your ass look ace. Trust me.
Em x



  1. Love this outifit and those shoes are ace. I quite like Topshop shoes in general x

  2. Super relaxed and happy looking in these photos - I feel you just need a sun lounger, a floppy hat and a hug jug of elderflower g&t's to complete the look!

    C xx

  3. I must must must have those sandals. Can you just buy everything in pairs so I can always have the same? C'mon don't be a meanie...do it...


  4. Love this outfit. Love the shoes. Am seriously tempted. Know exactly what you mean about fake size 9s, I struggle massively with shoes. I'm a 42, which in some shops is classed as 8, and others 9. Pain. In. The. Arse.


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