Friday, 20 March 2015

PS Blogger Love - Adventures of a Riot Grrrl

Not long ago, Debz suggested the idea of a PS blogger love day. A day of positivity, love and mutual appreciation amongst an already fabulous community of people. As part of this, we have another blogger to "gush about" (less filthy than it sounds). So Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce you to:

Let's just break it down RE Kelly of Adventures of a Riot Grrrl here based purely on her profile:
Film making = ACE
Horror watching = ACE (Well I say ace, I'm bloody terrified but I suppose that just means Kelly's rock solid well 'ard)
Music Loving = ACE
Feminist = The best kind of ace.

Kelly promotes women feeling beautiful, strong and powerful and I just love it. Her twitter feed is so positive, full of interaction and support for other blogs and followers - There's nothing about this woman not to like! Plus, as you'll see from below, Adventures of a Riot Grrrl showcases just how beautiful and vibrant Kelly is on the outside as well as in.

OBVIOUSLY I went straight into my favourite part of any blog: the outfits. (Deep aren't I?) Kelly is snazzy as heck, she has a gorgeous mix of punk, rock, vintage and riot grrrl styles which I just adore. Check about all the colours above, I'd be all over that leopard print coat! 

These are some of the topics available to you on Adventures of a Riot Grrrl - it's enlightening, cheerful and dare I say it, educational..? I lost about a good fifteen minutes on the A-Z of inspirational women section and I'M GLAD.

Now for a criticism: Kelly is just so bright and active, takes us all along for the ride and makes EVERYTHING sound interesting, which makes me feel thoroughly inept for not having more interests of my own. So Kelly, either stop it or involve me please and thanks. Saying this, now that this post's out there and I can stop acting like an illicit social media lurker, this is an excellent opportunity to get to know this entirely banging lady much better!

Links to everyone's posts will be up on the #psbloggers facebook page twitter etc and keep your eyes on the #PSbloggerLove tag for all of the lovely blogger stories, memories and confessions of love.

Em x 


  1. Awesome post spot on!!! Kelly is an amazing woman totally Ace!!! Xx #psbloggerlove x

    1. you filthy charmer you :P xx

    2. Thank you, she was such a pleasure to write about :) x

  2. Aw yay it is me and I am stoked that you got me I love reading your blog!! Thank you so much you put the biggest smile on my face xx

    1. I'm SO glad - I had a fab week nosying on you :) xxxx

  3. This is such a lovely idea - and Kitty Kaos is totally rad (and one of my style crushes!) :)


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