Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Maidenform and Yours Clothing - Battling the plates of beige

I recently decided I needed some new day to day shapewear to replace the shorts I put my thumb straight through whilst rushing to the toilet on a night out in a jumpsuit... (It was close I can tell you!) I knew that Yours Clothing stock a huge range of shapewear so got in touch with their extremely knowledgable team who not only pointed me in the direction of the Maidenform Power Slimmer Black High Waist Thigh Control shorts but also offered to send me a pair to give a go - So that's exactly what I've done and now I'd like to tell you aaaall about it. 

Without Maidenform Power Slimmer Black High Waist Thigh Control shorts
Dress: Scuba Floral Bodycon, Simply Be
With Maidenform Power Slimmer Black High Waist Thigh Control shorts
Dress: Scuba Floral Bodycon, Simply Be
To ensure that I took effective pictures I really suffered for my art by eating a massive plate of breaded beige which is my least favourite meal food but, oddly, my very favourite food to eat off a paper plate. This ensured that I was substantially inflated for the before picture. 

To be honest, I've always had a round tummy, no matter what dress size I've been and what my diet has been (Even without the plates of beige). This has been something that, along with my arms, has caused me some frustrations when it comes to my appearance, possibly because it's easy to forget about your tummy until it comes to putting on something fitted and then you can't really ignore it... Saying this, as I raise VERY regularly, I have never once looked at another woman's dress clinging to their lovely round tummy and though "UGH I'd never wear that" so why on Earth do it to myself?!? 

Despite all this, I DO feel more comfortable, maybe even secure in shapewear. With dresses it gives an extra layer so they don't cling and with skinny jeans it gives a great foundation, stops them from sliding up/down and also prevents me from flashing my tummy should a breeze cause my top to flap about (happens more than you'd hope...). I thoroughly recommend these shorts for all these reasons, also the longer leg on these prevent any chafing which we can all give ourselves a little high five about because having sore red thighs is not where it's at.

Power Slimmer Thigh Control

So what makes the Maidenform Power Slimmer Black High Waist Thigh Control shorts different from other shapewear?
> The longer body length means they can be tucked into your bra without garrotting your important bits.
> Despite their strong control, these shorts are extremely light. Without being too graphic, shapewear can get a bit sweaty, particularly if you're wearing it over other pants, under tights and then all the other clothes that accompany leaving the house without being arrested. Both my gusset and I are extremely glad I have these for summer this year.
> On the same topic, you won't break any limbs/collapse from exhaustion getting in and out of these, they're very flexible.
> Neither the seams nor the hems of the leg show through trousers, they also do not roll up or gather or turn your knees blue.
> They have a "split" (oh goodness, do forgive me for anything I say here) to allow toileting without removal. I personally have never been able to achieve this feat. I just can't convince myself I'm not soiling myself. Fact.

I would definitely say size down with these, as I mention, they are extremely flexible and as such you don't want too much give or they'll be be neither use nor ornament.

These are now my day to day go to foundation but Yours have a veritable smorgasbord of shapewear for all occasions/requirements so if these don't sound like the ones for you, why not take a look at what else they have to offer? 

Em x


  1. Oooh, these definitely seem smooth out your figure ... I'd say I'd give them a go but I'v never felt comfortable in shorted shapewear ... think I like to get a breeze between my nether-regions. Perhaps if they do a version in a skirt or simple brief ....

    C xx

  2. It looks like our figures are a lot alike! I guess we could be body twins :D. But I always wear clingy dresses without shapewear, because I really can't breathe in it. I gave it a try and yes, it looks much smoother, but I just can't. Funny that you mentioned that bit about never thinking about the tummy of other people with clingy dresses but about yourself in it, because I think the same. But seeing you and your beautiful figure (with and without the shapewear) I am much more confident now. You look so good either way!

    Annika from themuffintop-less.blogspot.de


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