Thursday, 8 January 2015

I'm back and I'm wearing a green dress!

It's 2015, you haven't done a blog post in waaaaay too long, people are forgetting who you are, you're like Challenge Anneka and Opal Fruits, HOW ARE YOU EVEN STILL RELEVANT WHAT DO YOU DO?!?! Well I'll tell you now: You smother yourself in makeup, put on a green dress and frolic around your attic...
Happy New year to you! I hope that if you celebrate Christmas you had a fabulous time and if you don't, you had a fabulous December and are now elbow deep into the many pleasures of January. I personally had a lovely Christmas with my family and gorgeous friends but am now well and truly ready to get back on the wagon (by this I basically mean avoid eating chocolate oranges for breakfast and using prosecco in the place of tap water...) 
Dress - M&CO
Shoes (Similar) - New Look
Earrings (no longer available) - Topshop
Let's kick 2K15 off with this magnificent velour frock. I featured the dress on my wishlist back in December but never had the opportunity to try it on *UNTIL NOW*. I was passing an M&CO store on my recent jaunt to the middle of nowhere to look at sheep and drink Theakstons and peeked in on the off chance. Guys, the shop was awesome, so huge, so full of clothes and shoes and bags and jewels, I simply couldn't believe it. I've mentioned before that M&CO had generally slipped below my radar but it certainly won't in future. I tried this dress on, plus a gorgeous denim shirt dress which I had to leave as my bank account is pretty much the reason for national debt right now... 

I like to play a game with my Dad where he has to guess how much something costs, he has to start really high, like £15 kabillion, in order to drag the game out and further our quality time together. I'm gonna try that now with you, HOW MUCH WAS THIS DRESS???

Yeah maybe not, I'll just tell you or we'll be here forever. It was £24!!! I know, I know, get outta town. Well it flipping was!!! 

The colour is so perfect and the length of the dip hem is spot on for my height. I'm not usually a big fan of embellishments but the way this sits on the ruching is so flattering and adds just the right amount of glamour. 
I topped the whole look off with these creepy crawly bug earrings from the topshop sale (£4 - gosh haven't I done well!), my New look pointed courts and some Mac Lady Danger on my dangerously dehydrated January lips...

Well I think we can all agree that I should be forgiven here for my brief hiatus, I've put an awful lot of effort in, I even put some perfume on. Just for you. I promise not to stay away so long in future, in fact I can't because I have multiple dresses to share and as I can never afford to leave the house again, it looks like you'll have to be my audience - THANKS IN ADVANCE GUYS!

Em x


  1. What an amazing dress! I've always thought that red hair + green dress = the perfect combination.

  2. You mean chocolate orange isn't one of my five a day? Nooooooo!

    Lookin' gorge! <3

    Diamonds n Pearls

  3. A good frolic is a wonderful thing and as far as I'm concerned is considered a workout! Happy New Year! and you look absolutely divine, the dress is perfect on you - I'm back on the wagon too, so very, very dreary *sad face* x x x

  4. This is a fine collection of fashion jewellery and this will look lovely with designer clothes. I love this kind of fancy designed bracelets and wrist ornaments.


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