Sunday, 21 December 2014

All I want for Christmas with M&Co...

That's right guys: I've found a new collaging app and as such am collaging pretty much everything I see (I'm not gonna lie, it's mostly cats and glitter) 

This is my Christmas wish list. A WHOLE ENTIRE OUTFIT OF DECADENCE (bar shoes, because big giant feet innit) FOR £79.30. All of the items above are from M&Co, who I confess haven't always been on my radar - Though looking at their moodboard for the festive season, I genuinely can't work out why!
I started with the dress. My new motto is: "Don't buy anything Christina Hendricks wouldn't wear" As such, I've been admiring many a velour dress this year, and this one being a midi length excited me greatly. The embellishment is subtle and, unlike my sequin jacket, unlikely to attach itself to passing Christmas revellers (I wouldn't mind generally but the last person I "attached" to was a sweaty 19 year old dressed as an elf...) This dress is actually in the sale at the moment so it's a bit of a must have really. 
How stunning are these earrings? And under £5 too. I have some very very similar with a clear stone and they cost around four times this - I'm just going to pretend they're diamond and not diamondique in order to justify the excessive pricetag... I love green with my hair colour and these will look very Liz Taylor with the dress.
The faux fur stole is the way that I do faux fur. I tend to look like an actual Sasquatch in full fur so a stole like this over a coat or leather jacket is still glam but not quite as giant mythical creature-y. I really like how full this one looks.
Finally, I've said in the past that shapewear isn't for everyone, I personally like to wear it when I go out but more for support and minimal "hoiking" than for the shape (although this is a nice additional benefit). This underbust support slip is perfect, it means you can wear your own bra and there are no near miss toilet incidents that can happen with bodysuits or pants (any muscle I have in my arms is due to battles with my spanx whenever I need a wee NOW). Also, I find  a slip feels much sexier than other shapewear (until you forget to take it off and wake up with it tucked into your pyjamas with half a pizza wedged down it).

I'm pretty amazed by how much I was able to slip onto my wishlist for under £100, particuarly taking into account the quality and overall look of so much of the range. New Year will soon by upon us and I'm definitely keeping an eye on M&Co for glitz and glam.

Em x

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