It's all in the Jeans - The Fashionworld essential trouser

Check this out, I have my very own infographic - yeah, that's right, I've hit the big time guys. Look at my little face in the corner. This (MY) Infographic is courtesy of Fashion World and aaaaaall about my favourite trouser. The high waisted jean (I chose all the words myself, I'm basically a copywriter innit).
I'll admit, I used to be a bit scared of high waisted jeans. I thought they'd make my bum look like a horse's bum. To an extent, they do but apparently horses' bums are quite a nice shape and so I've embraced the look and rolled with the high waisted.
As you can see, I like a casual pair of high waisted jeans, I feel comfortable, smart and not like my bum's going to be on show any minute. One day I may be brave enough to wear them with a shorter top, maybe even a crop top. Maybe. Until then, I like a slightly longer loose cami or tee with a jacket, perfect for dressing up or down in any weather.
Above (L-R): Joni high waisted jeans - Topshop // High waisted skinny jeans - Claire Richards for Fashion World //  Simply Be Lucy skinny jeans- Fashion World // Bailey High waist super skinny Jeans - Dorothy Perkins // Simply Be Lucy skinny jeans- Fashion World
Here are a couple of my favourites available for sale RIGHT NOW. Try some and we can all have horsey bums together <3 If high waisted isn't for you, why not head over to the Fashion World website and see what does it for you. 

Em x

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