Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Keen as mustard - Elvi's Tweed Jacket

This jacket is one that I wore on the Plus North catwalk and that I absolutely adored. So when Elvi contacted me to ask if I'd like to also wear it for my real life I was like "nah, you're alright, I hate nice clothes..." YEAH RIGHT, I absolutely bit their hands off. 
ALERT: THESE PICTURES ARE OUTSIDE!! I didn't burst into flames...
Jacket: Elvi
Dress: New Look, similar here
Tights: Primark
Boots: New Look, similar here
Hat: Primark, similar here 
The jacket is cropped but not pointlessly short, it hangs just above my hips and so doesn't make me look too boxy (a shape I'm not a fan of on myself). The fabric is divine, so soft and light yet keeps the cold off a wonder. However, the absolute best thing about this jacket BY FAR, is the shoulder pads, they're just flipping glorious and give me that "power sillhouette" I'm constantly craving.

I'm wearing the jacket with a New Look Jersey dress (last year's but similar here), Primark 120dens (tall girl tights all the way) and my flat New Look ankle boots which are just like wearing slippers. Finally, the cherry on the cake is my 'at. I love a good 'at. This particular floppy wonder is from the Primark limited range and cost me the grand total of £10. 
The jacket zips up but I don't know that I'll fully use this feature, unless I'm on a rollercoaster. I like how the lapels look opened up (although this glare may suggest otherwise....) I'm wearing the 16 here and can confirm that it is VERY true to size (another excellent thing about Elvi)
Elvi's Autumn/Winter range is really impressing me, the colour way is right up my street and the attention to mixed textures makes it extremely versatile - I can't wait to show you more!
Em x


  1. You always look effortlessly chic.... I love this jacket.Love the hat an boots combo too. x

    1. That is such a lovely thing to say Hollie, THANK YOU x

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  3. You can get tights in Primark?! I think I'm cursed the only tights I have found long enough for me in last couple of years has been BHS.

  4. Right I am going to have to give them another go! Thanks for the tip! Not sure what it means when I get excited about cheap tights? :-)


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