Sunday, 19 October 2014

Getting my Pretty Woman on - Revival Retro

Whilst I was enjoying my epic(ally expensive) weekend in London, my friend and I went to Fitrovia to visit the fabulous Revival Retro store on Windmill Street. Because we're decadent like that.

Retro revival specialise in retro inspired and reproduction 20s, 30s and 40s clothing and shoes from brands like Stop Staring!Emmy Design, Trashy Diva, ReMix Vintage Shoes and Aris Allen Dance ShoesI've had quite a browse online in the past but never taken the leap as I really wanted to try before buying. 
The shop is just stunning, everything is displayed in such a glamorous, easy to browse way (just look at those beaded 1920s gowns!). I didn't feel awkward about picking anything up for a look (or try...). The ladies who run the store are ridiculously knowledgable on their stock, vintage clothing in general and most importantly, the women they dress.
From the moment we arrived, we were treated like royalty. We were given a fitting area each and a lady with the best hair EVER brought us an array of beautiful dresses. Not once did I put on a dress that didn't fit or flatter (I know, f*** flattering but sometimes it feels damn good to look like you belong in Mad Men...). 
I could have happily left with any one of the dresses I tried, some of which are above. All of them were a wiggle shape, all fell below the knee on me (at 6ft) and all gave me what I would class to be an enviable rack. What on earth more could I ask of a dress. The shoes are also simply fab, plus some of them go up to a UK size 9 - it's like a dream come true.
The cardigans on the right were simply GLORIOUS, they had two shapes; a cropped boxy style and one with a dipped fishtail hem. The detailing is immaculate, my friend came away with a red one and if the mustard one becomes available in the dropped hem style I don't think I'll be able to help myself...
I was so in love with this cabinet I have my own jewellery at home in a display cabinet and I was very into how the items were grouped - it was like being in a sweetie shop. It was actually really inspiring, I generally end up taking my glamour level down a notch before leaving the house but I'm definitely more inclined to channel my inner Elizabeth Taylor after a couple of hours in the store.
This is the dress I went for, I'm not going to say too much because I want to give it a post of its very own (I think you'll agree that it deserves it). Now, I am not a rich woman, but I do recognise quality and know that this is one of those timeless dresses that I'll be able to wear for many, many years ahead (also my in-laws didn't know what to get me for Christmas so there you go!)
Some of my other favourites.
The really excellent thing is, I now know exactly where to go if I ever need another fancy pants dress, maybe one in teal...
Em x


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