Saturday, 20 September 2014

Purple People Eater

I've been looking for a new dress. Not just any dress; a sexy dress. You know the kind I mean, one you can put on and not pay for a drink all night (I'm blatantly lying here, nobody buys me drinks, I'm an independent woman YOU GET ME!?!). I've always wanted the perfect LBD but with my red hair, black seems to really wash me out and so I widened my search to include all of the other colours of the rainbow.
This New Look dress is purple. Lots of purple. The website lists it as being a black scuba rose print pencil dress. It's not black. It's purple. New look must have been tired when they named it. They also say that it has a zip back fastening. It hasn't. ANYWAY, I digress. The dress is a lovely scuba fabric and had adjustable straps which are important if, like me, you have wonky bossoms. The thing that first appealed to me was the length, I could tell immediately that it would be a perfect length on a taller lady such as me - it is a proper midi dress, even when I sit down it stays below the knee.
I'm wearing the size 16 as there were only 16s and 10s in store but could have definitely fitted easily into the 14, scuba material is so very stretchy even if it doesn't look it. I'm so glad that the Topsy Curvy girls put me in a scuba dress at Plus North or I'd have entirely written off this style. It clings to the parts of me that I like, and with the help of shapewear, it skims over the parts that I'm personally not a fan of. I said it before but sometimes it pays to step outside your comfort zone.
For the purpose of not wearing it with my slippers, I'm wearing it with these Black Open Side Pointed Court Shoes, again from New Look.
I've not worn point toed heels since circa 2002 and genuinely haven't missed them one iota. They go against biology, anatomy and my pain threshold but sadly, they look ace... These ones were a bit of a find, £17.99 from New look and in the nigh impossible size to find 9. They're remarkably comfortable and have the perfect height heel (I've not worn them on a night out yet so please withhold judgement a while longer...)
I'm very pleased with this dress, if I was a person who went on dates, I'd wear it on a date. And probably fall over/try to do the worm/spend all night crying about how much I love kittens. (Hence why I've never dated). Maybe I'd be safer in my pyjamas....

Em x

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