Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Plus North - The Catwalks... Topsy Curvy

Good afternoon all! This is my third catwalk post from Plus north - WE'RE GETTING THERE!
Now this one is a very special one: Topsy Curvy
Anyone who has ever met the TopsyCurvy girls will know why I say this is a special one; These girls are just FAB, I really wish I lived closer to Manchester so I could pop into the shop and see Charlotte, Jo and Bethany on a regular (whether they liked it or not! so if you're anywhere near Manc-Lamd, don't miss your opportunity, and give them a big high five from me!

Jo had let me know in advance what I would be wearing and I'm gonna level with you here: I WAS SCARED, these dresses are beeeeautiful but seemed really out of my comfort zone, in that they they are glamorous, classy and not a size too big in order to cover up my various "bits" but Jo put me at total ease. 
Roseprint strappy bodycon dress
Textured baroque strappy bodycon dress
The Roseprint dress is a size 16 and fit me like a glove. My only regret is not wearing a better strapless bra but NEVER FEAR this won't happen again (watch this space!!), the straps are adjustable though - Perfect for you busty lovelies. It came down to just below my knee and is a light scuba material which I've never tried before but am now a total convert. It shows off lumps but not lines if that makes sense, so my outline was smoooooooth not spiky. Plus the waistband is in the perfect place for my waist, giving me an ever longed for hourglass shape. Looking back at these pics, I really should have bought the dress on the day but at just £25 there's nothing stopping me now!
The baroque dress was just stunning, though sadly there are no reasonable pictures of me wearing it. Once again it was a scuba material with adjustable straps, this time with a textured baroque pattern which made me look like a (glamorous) walking Wedgwood vase (imagine I said that it a more fashiony way please). This dress could have done with better shapewear from me in all honesty, once again my crap bra let me down and spoiled the silhouette somewhat but on someone with a bigger bust than me, this dress would be an absolute showstopper, it's just superb.
Lolly, Steph, KatieSara, Rachel, me and Louise
Once again, I'll leave you with my fellow models - Vivacious bundles of colour who I think you'll agree all looked beeeeeeeautiful. 

Thank you Topsycurvy for taking me outside of my comfort zone - I needed it. And thank you for continuing to make women feel good about themselves, it means so much more than you realise.

Em x

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  1. That first dress is beautiful on you! You should totally get it x


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