Monday, 22 September 2014

Checked Autumnal vibes


I love Autumn, it smells magnificent, all fresh, clean and nature-y. Then there's the colours, OH the colours.  With Autumn comes layers, wool and boots, scarves, hats and coats. I AM IN MY ELEMENT.
This brings me to this beyond wonderful coat from Evans. It is collarless, fluffy and very, very cute. I'm wearing the 16 here, the 14 fit beautifully but if I was to wear the frankly massive jumpers I intend to rock this winter my arms would be stuck out horizontally and I'd look like a starfish. And I really don't want that. I wore the coat for a walk on Sunday and was really pleased with how light yet warm it is. And it's not tickly. So people can cuddle me without sneezing. 
I'm wearing it here with my Joni ripped black jeans from Topshop which are the perfect jeans. They're high waisted, have the most powerful stretch I have ever witnessed and are the right length for my excessive limbs. The only issue I have is that I'm well paranoid over the rips, let me give to you the following scenario: I'm walking up the stairs, my knee pops through the rip, the rip rips all the way round, the bottom half of my jean falls off, I'm left wearing half jean-half shorts. I'm blatantly going to end up sewing up the rips...I was born 60...
I'm also wearing yet more ankle boots. I can't stop buying them. In fact, I found another pair I'd not worn earlier. I'm like a crap Imelda Marco. These are from New Look and are a size 9 - Hurrah! I'd been after some cherry red/burgundy Chelsea boots and these are absolutely spot on.
Get set for lots more pictures of me indoors in outdoors clothing. I may mix it up by wearing a dressing gown to the chippie....

Em x

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