Thursday, 7 August 2014

Wherein I pretend I'm not a married

As you know from my previous post; EVERYONE IS GETTING MARRIED.

I've been to some beeeeeautiful weddings in this last 12 months and have some yet to come. 
Photo Credit: Caro Hutchings Photography 
My wedding was four years ago now, but when I was pointed in the direction of Loverly, I couldn't help but get a bit wistful. 

Loverly is a one stop shop for anyone planning a wedding and I spent at least two hours on it EVEN THOUGH IM ALREADY MARRIED. Procrastinator?!? Me?!??

I was set the task of putting a look together based on a choice of venues. My wedding was in the countryside and was quite eclectic/mixed up/like a unicorn had vomited on a marquee. It was perfect for me but for the purpose of this task I decided to go for the polar opposite and plan a look for a stylish rooftop wedding somewhere cosmopolitan. Like Barnsley. 

Here's what I went with:
The Dress:
This dress is by Dolly Couture and I think it's just fab - fitted in all the right places, straps to avoid the hoiking (you know I hate a hoik) and such a sexy neckline. My dress was strapless and as much as I loved it, I look back and kinda wish I'd gone with straps. 

The Shoes:
The shoes are AMAZING, I went with The Vivs and a pair from Debenhams which I've actually got quite a bit of wear out of for my big day. I really struggled being tall and big footed, plus wedding shoes are GRIM. I wish I'd known about Loverly before because it really opened my eyes to shoes that aren't just satin grandma shoes...These quilted numbers by Hey Lady wouldn't have worked with the length of my dress, I'd have been on my arse within seconds but they would look just stunning with the Dolly Couture dress and the veil that I'll come onto now.

The Veil
WOW. WHATTA VEIL. It's by Emilliner Bridal and I just love how different it is. I must confess though, it's not a patch on the veil I wore. Mine was by DC Bouquets and I know I've mentioned it many times before but by heck I adore it.

What can I say? I'm all about the Hendricks. In fact, I dyed my hair this evening from a box dye that is the EXACT colour you see below. Except on me it's marroon. Purple in fact. Sigh. Anyway, this hair is PERFECT. Imagine it with the veil above. I just can't even talk about how perfect it would be. I'd weep at the sight of myself (I'm only half not serious....)
Well, I'd probably wear my own face. Just a better version of it. Please now see below, I think (duck pout aside) this is the best face I've ever had. This was done by a pro MUA when I was my beautiful friend's bridesmaid. The contouring is just phenomenal and I love how glowy I look. 
Frilly bits:
I don't like white underwear. At. All. It does nothing for me (but looks bloody good on Jennifer Aniston). I had an all in one body suit for my big day and by the end of the day I was basically sliced in half (graphic, I'm sorry). The beauty of a dress like the one above is that I wouldn't have to wear control wear underneath it which is SUCH a blessing when you're eating, drinking and generally being the coolest chick in town.
I had a great couple of hour whisting away my time on Loverly. Even if you're not planning your big day, there are some beautiful dresses/shoes/reasons to divorce then remarry and have another wedding on there.

What would be your fantasy big day? I certainly don't think it has to be a wedding, just a day that is all about you and where you get to dress like the bombshell that you are.

Em x


  1. It's true, it's a marital time of year! even I am renewing my vows which means I get dolled up all over again hurrah! quite bizarrely my dress is a 50's style and my veil is very very similar (yes, I will be wearing a veil! I didn't wear one last time) we must be twins! btw your make-up is flawless! you look fabulous x x x

    1. I simply cannot wait to see your outfit - I can only imagine it will be flamboyant, classic and basically AWESOME.

      I never rated the idea of a makeup artist but she was incredible - I loved it x


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