Monday, 18 August 2014

Single white female in a Lindybop Frock

Now BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING; Yes, these pictures are shocking but in my defence, I don't take my tripod everywhere (my handbag is a HAND bag, not a back bag) (I realise that's more commonly known as a backpack but it doesn't serve to make a point), I was alone (not that it helps when I'm not because everyone else manages to make me look like How I ACTUALLY look and not how I THINK I look) and also I was in a rush SO GET OFF MY BACK ALRIGHT.
This is just a quick post really to show you my magnificent new Lindybop frock. This is a frock I am VERY pleased with. Very pleased indeed. 

I have to tell you how I ended up with this little baby; I was a GIANT copycat. 

Last month I went to a beautiful, beautiful wedding in Sheffield, at this wedding there was a plethora of lindybop dresses (Because I have friends with style, you get me?!?) but the one that made me stand open mouthed was the one worn by the mother of the bride, the one that you see before you; The Grace. 
First things first, the dress is more navy than it looks online and I was very pleased about that (matching blues is hard innit?!?) Another thing to be aware of is the following: The zip is not fabulous. My clothes work hard for me, I do a lot of dancing, fidgeting, flailing, sitting, standing and more often than not; falling over. I initially bought this dress in a 16, put it on, the zip burst into flames, I sent it back. The 16 was an absolute perfect fit but I knew there was no way the zip would survive a night with me (not many things do to be honest). So I ended up opting for the 18 which was looser around the waist but less of a hazard to the general public. 
This dress is excellent for people with a large/wide bust. There was no gaping or having to fold boob bits in under my arms. The sleeves are also super flattering in my humble opinion.

Another thing about this dress is the length (*insert smiley with love heart eyes*) The Grace is mid calf on me. NOTHING is mid calf on me. It was glorious. I had a mild issue in that we got the tail end of Bertha in Yorkshire that weekend and a few more people than I would usually like got a flash of my knickers (the one time I wasn't wearing my super cycling shorts...).

Not only did I entirely emulate the dress look of my Friend's Mum, I also copied her hat/fascinator wotsit. Mine is slightly different but not enough for us all to be 100% sure I'm not going single white female on her ass.

This was mine, A Camilla Shantung Bow Disc fascinator from Accesorize. This is also available in cream as well as blue and maroon felt and I was SO tempted to get another one to wear around the house... I accesorised with my tan wedge sandals and clutch bag - Kept it simple, perfect for a day of prosecco, croquet, Icecream, dancing and just general joy. 
As is standard for such an occasion, I had an epically bad skin day. To counteract this, I put on all my foundations one on top of the other in the hope that, as one slid off, there'd be another underneath (always thinking me). That's why I'm an odd shade, some may say yellow, I'd say "waxy". Anyway, I got my eyes on ok and my lips were VERY well behaved - Thank you Mac "Lady Danger"

I couldn't possibly finish this post without giving you a glimpse of the two gorgeous brides and their respective weddings. Look on in admiration:
Mr and Mrs Quinlan
Mr and Mrs Hargrove


Em x


  1. Gorgeous! I have a wedding in December so I might end up copying off you. This dress is perfect and the length is what I dream of. My knees do not need sharing. You always look amazing, in a similarly none single white female way, I essentially want to be you :) x

  2. What a babe! You can't beat a good wedding, especially in a lindy bop dress. x


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