Monday, 25 August 2014

Last night Liz Earle saved my face

You're going to have to forgive some of the pictures in this post, I have two black eyes. This is due to me dropping a saucepan on my own nose. Don't try to understand the logistics of this, there is literally no point. I could live in a world without gravity, corners and the ability to be injured and I'd still be covered in bruises (I broke my arm playing badminton for crying out loud). ANYWAY, any injuries are entirely unrelated to the items I'm discussing.

About three months ago, I made the decision that I needed a skincare regime. I'd previously been using Lush which I maintain was a brilliant and necessary change from generic facewipes which had been leaving my skin raw and sensitive after years of use without issue. I still adore Ultrabland, it's a lifechanger, but I wanted something a bit more decadent, something grown up and befitting a lady of my mature years and sensibility. I asked around on Twitter, I spoke to friends, I had many a fruitless trip to department stores (I am invisible to sales advisors, it's like they can see through my handbag to the 17p and Costa card in my purse) and the name that kept being repeated was Liz Earle.
I have a fairly classic combination skin, prone to dry patches but with a frequently oily T-zone. These oily bits have been providing me with some spectacular breakouts and what a lovely lady at the spa referred to as "congestion" (I can only assume that these are miniature traffic jams in my pores). Most of my friends have finally got past this teenage skin behaviour and it's all a bit new for me, meaning I was convinced that what's working for everyone else, wouldn't work for me. However, I'm all for a bit of peer pressure and slunk into John Lewis under my cloak of pauper invisibility to the Liz Earle counter.

Firstly, I must announce to you all that I WAS NOT IGNORED. I was even allowed to sit down on the little green stool. I then spent a genuinely interesting 20 minutes with a wonderful advisor who took me through the story of Liz Earle, the ingredients, the principles and the philosophy which is as follows:
> Products that really work on every skin type by harnessing the potent powers of the finest quality ingredients
> A simple, no fuss and dependable routine, which is also a pampering daily treat
> An affordable choice with everything beautifully packaged
> A commitment to first class service
> A caring, award-winning team who make it all possible
I don't know about you, but I really like this as a philosophy; quality, value, ethics and service. I could see from this introduction to Liz Earle just why they have such brand loyalty.
My advisor then took me through a frighteningly simple three step regime of cleanse, tone and moisturiser, which I decided to pur-chase with a spring in my step and dreams of the skin of Charlize Theron in my heart... I've been following the skincare regime for six weeks now, I wanted to give it a good run before I wheeled it out on the blog (knowing my luck, I'd say how awesome it was and then my face would fall off) and I feel that I can now legitimately say: YES. THIS IS THE SKINCARE FOR ME.

I'm using the Hot cloth cleanser which I massage into my face and then rinse off with the muslin cloth provided, instant boost skin tonic and the skin repair moisturiser for normal/combination skin. It's that simple. I'm really enjoying spending a couple of minutes every day just taking care of myself and being a little bit decadent, it smells beautiful and seems to help me get off to sleep.
I'm really sorry to say that I don't have any good pictures of how my skin was six weeks ago, it was by no means horrid but I had a lot of "lumps" beneath the surface and my forehead felt constantly slimy (no black eyes though). My skin now feels much fresher, softer, cleaner and dare I say; younger! So sorry friends, but you're going to have to deal with me continuing to leave nights out early because I'm looking forward to taking my makeup off (as well as the kebab. Obviously) but in return, you will soon have a Charlize Theron lookalike as a mate...

Em x

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