Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Going to the chapel and I'm (not) gonna get married

Hi there! Remember me?!? Well I'm here now, no need to panic, call the helicopters and flying monkeys off. 

I'm back with a wedding guest TRAUMA. it's wedding season finding something to wear is HARD for the following reasons:
> I'm tall
> I do not love my knees
> I do not love my arms
> I am not made of money
> Satin is the least flatering fabric on this earth
> I don't like buying things I'll only wear once (ironically as I generally only wear everything once...)
The only wedding outfit I've ever liked
As soon as I get to a wedding (after I've oooohed and ahhhhhhhed over the bride obviously), I look at the other guests and think "ugh, they look so cool, why don't I look that cool ARE THEY MAGIC?!?!" 

I simply can't get it right, I always get something that's so tight that I can't breathe and have to spend the wedding with one eye on the photographer in case he gets me at the other 364 angles that aren't my good one...

So I've been shopping. With moderate success:
I really love this dress, it's from Debut at Debenhams. The problems were as follows:
> It was £135
> This is an 18 and it was terribly big
So I went online and it was in the sale for £35!!!! But there were aaaall the sizes but 16.... So no, this won't do
This was a debenhams concession, it did nothing for me but was loose enough and had sleeves, two plus points
I really really like how this looks but I don't think I have the confidence to pull it off, it's Collection by Debenhams and is £55 right now. 
I LOVE the colours of this Jacques Vert dress, it's satin though so extremely unforgiving after 52 sausages on sticks...
See above. This ones from house of Fraser.
This is lovely but not very summery and I think it was roughly £7billion.
This phase eight number was really nice, comfortable and could even be worn again but I don't think it's quite formal enough...

SO NOW YOU SEE MY ISSUES. I'm just too picky. 

I want something I can spin around on the dance floor in whilst looking classy yet fun and comfortable yet sexy. HELP A WOMAN OUT WONT YOU?!?! 

Here's a bit of inspiration to push me in the right direction. Tell me,me hat's been your most successful outfit to date?

Em x


  1. Right, you look amazing in all of those dresses! I love the £55 Collection one, you should totally rock it. My best ever wedding guest dress was £12 from eBay, I had similar success with a £10 job from Mark One of all places. I do however, have half a million dresses I've worn once so I feel your pain x

  2. the collection floral print dress is amazing! grab some confidence balls and go for it.x

  3. That Collection dress looks totally fab on you, I agree with the other girls. It would be criminal, CRIMINAL I tell you not to wear that at the wedding and rock the hell out of it xx


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