Sunday, 8 June 2014

Twerking toucans: AKA, What happens when I listen to Nicki Minaj whilsttaking outfit pictures

This started off so well; I had the house to myself, good light and an outfit that I love. Then I put Nicki Minaj on and IT ALL WENT VERY SILLY.

This is the Navy toucan jumpsuit by H! for Debenhams. It's a winning jumpsuit. Not in that it makes me jump or anything (it does but no higher than usual, which isn't very high but is very loud) but in the way it makes me feel. As you will see from the following pictures. Sigh.
I despair with myself, I really do. If someone had just given me the job I'd always wanted in my youth (Blue Peter presenter, obvs) I truly believe I would have got all of this galavanting out of my system and could just behave myself rather than wiggling around in front of a camera. By myself. Except for the cats.

Anyway, back to the jumpsuit. I normally avoid jumpsuits for two reasons:
1) Leg length
2) Camel toe (sorry....)
The leg length on these is actually perfect for me at 6ft, stopping just on the ankle. However, it isn't quite as narrow as I'd like so I've actually rolled them up a bit to give them more of a Capri or 5/6s length. With regards to my second, more uncouth issue, there are no desert animals here, not-a-one. 
The elasticated waistband, and tie back detail mean that it is loose fitting but still gives a really good silhouette, I'm not sure how they've done it! 
Finally, WHAT ABOUT THIS PRINT?!? I love a good snazzy print and nothing says Summer like a series of funky toucans. 

The jumpsuit goes up to an 18, I'm wearing the 16 which is extremely loose (due to it being for my hols!) so it may be worth a go if you're up to a size 22. There's also 20% off at the moment so it's a bit of a bargain at £32,
The influence of the toucans made me decide to have purple eyes today. This is a Collection2000 cheap bizzness and Chanel lipstick. 

I reckon I'm going to give more jumpsuits a go this year. As long as they don't cause any groin issues. I'm off to rub some deep heat on my twerking muscles now, laterz...

Em x



  1. Give in to the suit of jump. Your life will infinitely improve. True fact. P.S. You look banging.

  2. Love, love love this!!! I also usually avoid jumpsuits for fear of camel toe. Sometimes they don't feel too bad, but then you sit down, & oooh la la! You do look amazing in this. The colour & print are to die for, may just give it a try myself!

  3. Got to love a touchan :) Love this on you, will be winner winner chicken dinner on your hols xx

  4. It's a fabulous jumpsuit! you look fabulous dancing round, Miss Minaj can have a wonderful effect on us, hurrah! toucans are very lovely too, I had a jumpsuit once (no, I didn't jump in mine either) it was worryingly sparse in the boob area, 1 mexican wave and I would have been done for x x x


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