Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Tiger Tiger burning bright...

I went to Manchester on Saturday to meet up with some other bloggers. Pretty tame day, not much to tell....


It was an absolutely fabulous day, with shopping, lunch and general debauchery... But that's not why I'm here, I'm here to tell you about the MAGNIGICENT time that was had by all during the Tiger Tiger cocktail masterclass.

Nine luscious ladies started out on this voyage of en-cocktail-ment, but will all survive...?
Tiger Tiger in Manchester is big, and by big I mean freaking massive. Every floor has multiple "segments(?)" and every "segment(?)" is different (guess who doesn't go out any more...). 

We were shown to a beautiful 1920s style private bar with mirrors, drapery and bottles of liquor aplenty.
Our Master Mixologist for the day was James (NOT Jamie) aka The Milkybar Kid. James' task was to show nine very eager bloggers how to construct a number of cocktails whilst protecting the liquor from said bloggers. Remarkably, he  fared extremely well. 
We were introduced to what we'd be doing over the next couple of hours, I have to level with you here; I wasn't listening, I was still a tad hungover from the night before and was wondering how I could:
a) Avoid drinking any gin (makes me throw my shoes) 
b) Mainline some rum straight into my bloodstream...
The session proceeded as follows for me:
Drink shots,
Watch how to make a cocktail,
Watch fellow blogger make cocktail, 
Try not to fall off stool,
Drink shots,
Drink cocktail,
How to make another cocktail,
Make cocktail (badly),
Drink shots,
Drink cocktail,
How to make a cocktail that is basically drunkness in a glass,
Put on blindfold,
Fumble about,
Probably break many things,
Drink cocktail,
Play game which involves eight bloggers basically screaming and running about like toddlers,
Drink. Cocktail. 
It was entirely brilliant, nobody died and we all bonded like only people who have gone through an experience like this can.
We had such a fab time, a fair few of us didn't leave until gone Nine. Which is notable due to most of our trains/buses leaving at around six...
All in all a thoroughly fabulous time was had and I can't recommend this package enough. Thank you Tiger Tiger for sending me home full of cocktails and joy!

Em x

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  1. It was a fab day, I love your post about it. Next time we need to arrange to stay over and stay out past 9om xx

  2. Loves, loves, loves MWAH :) and I totally agree with Steph! Sleep over next time x


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