Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Scarlet armour - Emi jewellery

Look at me and LOOK AT MY NECKLACE. Pretty huh? Allow me artistic licence with these pictures, I'm really struggling to keep my clothes on at the moment after a week in my bikini....
You may have noticed from previous outfit posts that I am CRAP at accesorising, I tend to put a piece of jewellery on then take it straight off because I feel too "cluttered". If I do wear anything, I'm more of an earring fan, but this chunky silver and amber necklace has certainly swayed my thinking.

I was sent this little beauty by Emi♥ and I'm being entirely genuine when I say I've been wearing the shit out if it. It makes me think of holidays, free love (oh yeah) and bare feet. All that from a necklace. 
So far, I've worn it with my white linen vest and a maxi, jeans and a grey marl tshirt and in the case of these pictures, my pants and a vest. It goes with EVERYTHING.
Emi♥ is a concept fashion brand specialising in women's jewellery. Their jewellry is extremely understated, timeless and date I say "boho" (Sienna Miller put me RIGHT off this word but I willing to embrace it once more for the sake of fashion) it's not on the website any more but I'm VERY much into the collar necklaces and these Rocky horror lip earrings that are up at the moment. The prices are well and truly bargainous and the range seems to be changing all the time. 
I have another necklace from Emi♥ to show off, but I think I'll do it with a full outfit and not just a vest and my pants. Maybe...

Em x


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  1. Utterly divine photo's! you look absolutely gorgeous! the necklace is fab too, it suits you beautifully x x x


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