Ho Ho Ho Green Giant

Ladies and gents, this is the ASOS checked midi dress. I heart it. 

The dress has a belt, pockets (YESSSS) and a zip up the back. I love the shape of the skirt, it flares beautifully and is extremely elegant (even on me). I bought the 14 for some unbeknown reason and it is a wee bit tight (hence the lack of bosom) but I'm sticking with it and am just going to wear it on occasions where there will be no crisps or fizzy pop. The dress is also available in the curve range (for £10 less!) which is freaking awesome.

I'm just passionately in love with the colour, it's so Summery and bright without being gaudy. 
I've paired it with my lovely Marks and Spencer's Sandals. They're an 8 wide and are just about a perfect fit - HURRAH ITS A MIRACLE. They're also really light and the first ever pair of wedges I have been able to walk in. (So far at least....)
The lipstick is Chanel and as always, the tiny sleepy eyes of a shrew are aaaall mine....
I'm going to be blogging some other outfits I've bought for the Summer this week, I've had some rather successful shopping moments, I assume because I'm poor. Ain't that just the way....

Em x



  1. Love this on you Em! It's a bloody gorgeous dress, have it myself xx

  2. I love sweet corn. And I love this dress.

  3. Gorgeous! This looks amazing on you x

  4. The dress is gorgeous! it's prettier than the advertised dress, the skirt is actually much fuller (I have dresses which are a little tight or truth be told actually fit me! ha! I like everything loose!) and I adore your sweet eyes! x x x

  5. Wow you look lovely, green really suits you and you figure is amazing x


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