Sunday, 11 May 2014

Made up with the Make a Up Kit Part 1 - Lea Michelle

This is the first in a collaboration between this blog and Katherine from The Makeup Kit. Katherine is a MUA who has guaranteed to me that any makeup look can be made simple. WELL I THINK SHE'S WRONG and if anyone can prove it, ITS ME. To prove her hypothesis, Katherine has offered to talk me through some celebrity looks step by step. My general makeup style is: Put it all on, what stays on stays, what slides off goes. So this could prrrrrretty interesting....

The first look we are going for is the fuschia lipped thing of beauty that is Lea Michelle.
Deep breath guys, here we go (The first two pictures scare me. I apologise if they also scare you, it will be over soon....)

1.  I started by following Katherine's instructions and priming my poor sad, tired face with a layer of Benefit Who's that Gal primer which I love and which lasts me FOREVER.
2. As always, I used my No7 Beautifully matte mousse in Cool Ivpry. I've mentioned this is previous posts and I'm still just as loyal to it. I then used Benefit boi-ing concealer 01 under my eyes, around my nose and on my chin to cover any redness and give a more even finish. Katherine used a powder here and I didn't want to be left out so I dusted some ELF HD powder on with my massive kabuki brush (not a bukaki brush as I once asked for in Boots. If you don't know what this is DONT Google it). LOOK - I HAVE NO EYES!!!
3. Now I let the whole thing down here. Katherine instructed to use an eye primer on my eyelids and I DON'T HAVE ONE. The one Katherine used was MAC Painterly paint pot which has been recommended to me by a fair few people in the know. To define my brows, I used a mid brown eyeshadow from my Smashbox photo op eyeshadow palette (I am aware that my right eyebrow is escaping, I don't know what's happening here)

I applied a the two neutral beige shades from the No7 Cappuccino eye trio on the lid up to the brow bone and then then applied Bella Pierre eye pigment in Bronze (which oddly looks more gold than the gold one) and blended it into the crease line. I then applied a thin line of the Rimmel Tattoo eyeliner in black and my new favourite mascara: Thick and Fast by Soap and Glory. I'd always used benefit "they're real" but found that my eyelids were feeling really heavy, Thick and fast is really light and causes me no issues.
4. I next contoured my cheekbones with my Sleek contouring kit, using the darker shade underneath my cheek bones, following Katherine's fabulous instructions. I them used a mid pink blush on the apples of my cheeks, this one the one from the contouring kit again (BEST BUY EVER)

5. As Katherine says, this look is all about the lips. I have couple of vibrant fuchsias, the one I wear the most is my Chanel in L'Exuberante but for this look I went full gaudy with my Kate moss for Rimmel in Shade 02.
6. I finished the look as I generally always do, by highlighting my cheekbones with Benefit High Beam.

I then put my fringe down, stopped having a full beam five head and basked in the glory of BEING Lea Michelle (only poorer and a foot taller/wider) 
I'd like to pause here and thank the makeup gods, some people look glorious makeup free. I ain't one of them....This is a look that I really like and am extremely pleased Katherine chose it to start off with. Also, I'm glad she kept it nice and simple so I didn't end up looking like Aunt Sally....

Don't forget to check out Katherine's tutorial on her blog


Em x


  1. I think it looks great! Thanks for the post it was really useful. Jx

    1. You are so very welcome Jo! I really enjoyed doing it (so much easier when someone shows you how!) x

  2. Oh you are gorgeous! with and without your make-up, the pink lippy is fab! - I have never figured out blusher, ever, or foundation and this contouring is all rather marvelous too, my daughter contours, although I have never tried it I am intrigued and may have to 'borrow/steal' some from her x x x

    1. I think this "contouring" think is an innate knowledge in the gorgeous young girls of today. I, however, was not born with this knowledge. Or cheekbones... Help was definitely required....x


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