Thursday, 15 May 2014

Knobbly knee competition Pt 2 - River Island dress for exhibitionists...

I went to River Island. I bought this dress. Now the weather must change thanks.

I pretty much live by River Island now, they always have the most fabulous prints and gone are the days of excessive embellishment and cheap Lycra (unless that's what you want, in which case they still have some. Trust me) I honestly think they've moved forwards to being more in league with Topshop, only without the obscene Topshop pricing. (£60 for a basic dress No thank YOU Topshop) This dress comes in at £35, has a good quality zip and plenty of detailing. 

I'm wearing a size 16 here but think I could have gone for the 14 as there is plenty of space around the bust and waist (very unusual indeed on my big back). On this note, I must urge you to try River island, at any size. The jackets are always extremely roomy, as are the maxi dresses (which are also bloody gorgeous). The sleeves on this dress are brilliant; no digging in and just the right length.

The dress has a small gap under the bust so you can flash a bit IS this part?!? Under-cleavage?!? Mid-rib-age?!? Anyway, that bit's on show and it's nice because it's a fairly foolproof body part that even I can't ruin with fake tan/shaving rash/unidentified drinking bruises.
I have stupidly knobbly knees and also ankle cellulite, why is this? But this year I am going to go TIGHTLESS! I'm bored of overly warm "areas" (aren't we all?) so I am doing it. Watch. This. Space.

Shoes are some ancient ones from Next that I always think are stupidly comfortable and then my skin comes off and I curse the shoes every which way. Yet I insist on wearing them...
My face has the usual shizzle on it and this picture makes my hair look much nicer than it actually is. MAGIC PICTURE.

Em x


  1. Hurrah! sod the tights off to the hellish overheated world they came from, they may be useful in the winter but dammit they are loathesome in the heat, a nice breeze is a wonderful thing! you have wonderful legs and your dress is gorgeous (and you......obviously!!) I have knock knees, chunky calves and short short legs (which I occasionally shave)but they do take me on lots of adventures! x x x

  2. Whatever you have provided for us in these posts really appreciative. For-Knees


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