Couch cafe - Lunchtime garlic time

I don't usually blog about eating out, this is for a number of reasons:
1 - I don't often eat out
2 - If I DO eat out, I'm usually drunk within 25 minutes
3 - I tend to eat everything in sight before I can photograph it..
So today is a bit of a treat for you (debatable, I know).

This morning, walking along Campo lane with my coat wrapped around my sad little face and my feet dragging behind me leaving a trail of sad in my wake, I spotted Couch.
Sheffield city centre has a veritable smorgasbord of eateries; pubs, bars, restaurants, caf├ęs, street food and takeaways. On the rare occasion that I eat out, it tends to be for lunch (I work in town and it's a good way of escape). Now, if I'm paying to eat out, I don't really just want a sandwich - I want ALL OF THE FOOD. 

The building that Couch has opened in has been various guises, none that have interested me like this one. I'll be honest, what initially grabbed my interest was the sign saying BREAKFAST (who wouldn't that interest?) so I smushed my nose against the window and was met by the sight of lovely warm couches (well duh), modern lighting and people who were not leaking sadness. 

"COUCH! I SHALL RETURN!" I promised there and then.
And return I did, a mere five hours later....

The interior of Couch is beautiful, it's modern but not cold. How they've achieved this I simply can't fathom but it really works. The seating is a combination of soft warm couches, low coffee tables, bar stools, and long high tables for groups (of which there were a couple of today)
The lighting is spot on, the full windows bring in a lot of natural light and the variety of naked bulbs and lamps mean that every corner is well lit (all the better for seeing the cakes!)
Now to the most important bit, THE FOOD. The menu at Couch is a fabulous combination of classy sarnies (no soggy ham sandwiches here), platters, tapas, flatbreads, soups and salads. It makes such a refreshing change from "Burger and chips".
I'd gone for lunch with my husband who is a total and utter nightmare when it comes to eating out. His list of lunchtime "Will eats" consists of the following:
Burger and chips
Lasagne and chips
Fancy eh?!? So I was over the moon to see tapas. He LOVES tapas (SO strange when he won't eat any of the things individually...) 
We went for five dishes to share:
Meatballs with chipotle sauce
"Couch potatoes" and chorizo
Chorizo with roasted peppers
Houmous and Garlic crostini
Moroccan couscous
This guy's face says it all. Everything was entirely delicious; the chorizo was extremely tasty and the couscous was spot on. The flavours were authentic and as usual, I ate a lot more than him which only demonstrates how good the portions are. I then spent aaaaaall day being more garlicky than an actual garlic and I'm pretty sure my colleagues will be cursing Couch until next month.... 

The bill came to around £15 including two soft drinks which I think is extremely reasonable indeed! (My husband would also like me to note that it was on the table within 14 minutes and 20 seconds of ordering which is fabulous if you have a quick lunch break. He clearly takes this food blogging lark a LOT more seriously that me....) 
The website assures me that the coffee here is also a bit posh (I don't drink coffee but they had those machine things and beans and everything) PLUS by the look of things, there's live music on the cards.

Just one final image to whet your appetites, Couch do takeaway sandwiches and CAKES, Uuggghhhnnn the cakes - the brownies made me weak just by looking at them....

I wholeheartedly recommend Couch if you're in Sheffield, I'll certainly be popping back in for a vino or two.

Em x

Couch can be found at: 
29 - 31 Campo Lane Sheffield, S1 2EG


  1. Yummeh! Sheffield is a wonderful place! Couch looks like my type of place, £15 is such a good price too and garlic is good for you! I think I ooze garlic at times, more is more is my approach to the stuff x x x

    1. Sheffield IS wonderful, I hope you had a cracking time here, it certainly looks like you did! If food doesn't contain garlic, it should. Same goes for cheese. And carbs....x


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