Thursday, 24 April 2014

What I wore - Blue blue electric blue...

I've just come back from a wonderful couple of days in That London which I will go into in more depth in another post because there's not enough space here to write about all of the incredible things that I was fortunate enough to experience (most of them are food and people and clothes based and you all know that there is nothing else important beyond these three topics and if there is frankly I don't wish to know about it thank you ever so much now.) 

In the interim, this post is primarily about a frock that I bought and that I wore a bit too much in the space of 48 hours. (It's in the wash now because I couldn't get my pyjamas on over it) The ASOS wiggle dress in floral print.
The dress is from the ASOS main range and is a size 16. I find ASOS' sizing to be beyond crackers, I go from a 14 to a 20, mainly because they don't seem to be aware of the big backed lady, of which I am one, so I was quite lucky that my first attempt fitted with this. 

The dress is a midi length on me, zips up the back and has an extremely fitted waist. Now here is where I'll be honest with you; I'd have avoided this dress in the past as I feel it accentuates my tummy "pouch" more than I'm comfortable with and the fit is distinctly off with regards to my figure. However, I absolutely love the colour and length, plus POCKETS (In London, I put my Oyster card in one of them, cosmopolitan of me OR WHAT!?!) so I'm persevering.
I wore the dress with a pair of 120den Primark tights which I might as well be sewn into (don't panic, I have many pairs, I'll be getting no terrible grubby tight disorders) and my River Island ankle boots which were in the sale for £20 and are a large 8 and therefore fit my giant feet. The jacket is my Quiz pleather number that I seem to be wearing with all of the things at the moments.

I've managed to work out how to do a cheats version of milkmaid plaits which looks ok from the front and I can't see the back so I don't care. My lipstick is the Bourjois Velvet in Peach Club which I can't recommend enough, I also bought my sister the fuchsia one (Pink pong) which looks phenomenal against her porcelain skin and dark hair.
The piece de resistance is the most ridiculous and impractical purchase I have ever made. Even more ridiculous than the exercise ball languishing in my basement. The bag above is from Zara and I love it. When I bought it, my friend reliably told me it would be filthy within seconds. She wasn't wrong. It's covered in fingerprints and also some wine (don't ask) so now I need to put some time aside to clean it. Like I haven't got anything better to do (I haven't).

I very much look forward to posting more about my time in London, at the same time I very much look forward to sleeping off some of the food... 

Em x



  1. You look gorgeous in this dress, blue is a good colour for you. I love love love the bag though, I would buy it however impractical.

    I'm so pleased you enjoyed your London trip. I can't wait to read about it x

    1. Thank you Sweetcheeks! I've cleaned the bag with a variety of facial products and it's in a better state now. I can't have nice things x

  2. It's a gorgeous dress, it has a vintage look with the fabric and shape, you look as gorgeous as ever! I like your approach to hair too, I'm the same, if I can't see the back all is well unfortunately this has been my downfall when popping out with my skirt tucked in my pants (someone stopped their car to tell me once) x x x

    1. I long for your comments because I know it will make me giggle and probably wake my husband up and gain me the complaint of "WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU LAUGHING AT WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU I WANT A DIVORCE" I'm sorry that your skirt was in your pants but looking at it another way; it will have made a lot of people very happy and THAT is a gift x

  3. Looking gooooood lady face! x x

  4. You look STUNNING! And honestly, you've a beautiful figure and this dress looks wonderful on you. Loving the hair too xx


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