Just Cruisin'

I was recently contacted by the wonderful MSC Cruises with a question: 
"Would you like to come and sing on one our magnificent cruisers?" they asked, 
"We'd like you to be the star attraction after hearing your frankly incredible rendition of Salt'n'Pepa's 'Push it' in the Three Cranes the other week" 

OF COURSE I AM JOKING. They actually asked me something BETTER!!!

They asked me to imagine that my presence had been requested on board the magnificent MSC Splendida for cocktails, a four course meal, dancing and generally swishing about like the posh totty that I am (!) So imagine I did...... 

***Cue twirly wurly music and me looking into the distance***

I must confess, I know very little about cruises, my immediate image was Hyacinth Bucket seated at the captains table bedecked in floral and a hat that wouldn't look out of place on any self respecting member of Mothers Union. So I did some research and it turns out that Cruises are basically a massive wonderful party where you can do all kinds of fabulous glamorous things with other people and you don't have to wear a hat at all! (Unless you want to) 

With this in mind and a £150 budget, I set course to FULL GLAMOUR. The outfit I went for consists of the below:

Cropped Bardot top: River Island
Full Skirt: Coast outlet
Bag: Accesorize
Bracelet: Accesorize
Shoes: Asda
Earrings: H&M (originally earcuffs which I have altered because they made me look like an Orc) 

How flipping beautiful is this skirt please and thank you? And who doesn't need a floor length tutu? I'd seen it on the Coast website but never had occasion to require it UNTIL NOW.  

You'll see from the pics above that the colour (described as "mole" - amazing) looks very different in different lights but is consistently classy beyond all belief. 

The important thing to me was whether I could dance in it. And I can, I really flipping can. It makes me want to spin and jig and bop about like a toddler, flailing my tulle about like a cancan dancer. 

I paired it here with a basic black off the shoulder crop top but also tried it with a tight black vest which looked lovely too. The skirt is long enough for me to wear my heels, which is a double edged sword because if you can't see my shoes I tend not to wear any - Pretty sure this would be classed as preeeeetty uncouth on the MSC Splendida! 

My lips are a combination of Limecrime red Velvet and Ted baker lipstick in TW11 8EE (Catchy name there Ted) The creme eyeshadow and glitter is also Ted Baker but there is no detail of what it's called, I'd call it Taupe-sparkle. 

I had a genuinely fabulous time creating this look with MSC Cruises, it's made me realise I simply don't have enough glamour in my life. Until I get myself on a cruise for reals, I'll be the woman in Morrisons wearing a floorlength tutu.....

Em x


  1. o that skirt! its beautiful :) you look even more beautiful in it!

    Catherine x


  2. You look beautiful and I want that skirt!!

    1. Thank you treacle, I really did fall on my feet with this one! x

  3. That skirt is omg beautiful. You look stunning xx

  4. Absolutely stunning!!!!


    Diamonds n Pearls

    1. I am now living in the skirt. Let's all live in tutus!!! xxxx

  5. That skirt is beautiful it kind of reminds me of mermaids! Perfect for a night on a cruise ship

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

    1. I totally get that too! Thank you Amy, now to find myself some glamour x

  6. I love that skirt and yes wear it round Morrisons I am going to start overdressing on all occasions! xx

  7. Flipping wonderful! it's a gorgeous skirt I don't think they would mind at all in Morrison's if you wafted about and knocked the beans over over in it, you look super fancy and gorgeous, I love this outfit - and would totally love to see your Salt 'n Pepa rendition! x x x

  8. Looking gorgeous sweetie! Erm...when we meet for a coffee afternoon you must wear that very outfit! xx


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