Thursday, 27 March 2014

Communication Breakdown...

I got a new phone. It is a phone that is allegedly "better" than my last phone. I just know the bill is less so to me this is a positive thing.

The thing about this phone is that it is slippery. Slipperier than an eel. It's like holding a slimy fish, except it's more expensive and my life is inside of it damnit! 

My last phone had a case. I loved that case.
It is a green monkey. With ears. From H&M - Without exception, everybody I know, hated it. Passionately. 

But I adored it because: 
> It isn't slippery,
> It bounced a bit (important for me as I am clumsier than a clumsy thing)
> It was very bright so I never lost it,
> It's a green monkey with ears for crying out loud.

Sadly, my new eel phone is a different size and shape. Meaning I have to find a new case.


I liked my old case too much, there are plenty more rubber phone cases with ears and even tails in some cases but I feel like this would be disloyal to green monkey. So I'm on a mission to find a new one....

All the cases below are available on Etsy:

Alice in Wonderland


All the rest

These are some of the cases that have caught my eye. Should I be attempting to be more grown up now that I'm in my early (post) twenties?!? This is a tough decision....

So I need your help: What does your phonecase look like? Why is it good? (is it as good as the monkey...?) AM I THINKING TOO MUCH ABOUT SOMETHING THATS NOT EVEN VAGUELY IMPORTANT?!? 

Em x



  1. Screw growing up! Get the screaming cat jelly case!!!!! It is a stand out WINNER!!!

  2. I have a pink plastic penguin case hehe, useful as I'm a clumsy bugger! 'should be more grown up?' *faint* perish the thought!! get what you want, you deserve 'awesome'! x x x


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