Saturday, 22 March 2014

A tall girl in the sunshine

Yesterday, the sun was shining, and as such I got a bit warm. Overly warm some may say. I don't do hot, it's not me, I don't like it. This provides a problem. When Summer arrives, which it inevitably does (quicker and quicker now that I'm old and life just sails past one tiny disappointment at a time...) I PANIC.

This is me being too hot but having remarkably good arms so I have no beef with this picture right now.
The problem for me is a complex one. Very few people are over the moon in unleashing their various limbs from their Wintery woollen shackles, myself included. I have an added issue, my limbs are just so bloody long. Theres just so much limb. Genuinely, when I take the leap and shave my legs it takes roughly a million years and is EXHAUSTING. There's just so much leg. Leg leg leg leg leg. And these aren't long legs in a Tess Daly way. They're good sturdy lumpy legs which are generally covered in bruises and have giant feet on the end of them. And all this is before I've even got into the issue I have with Mosquitos (they adooooore me. I look like Braille by the end of a week away). Now you know I don't like to be over dramatic at all(!) but IT'S HORRIFYING.

So this year, rather than beating myself up over how I've had eight months to get my shit together and reduce my limb surface area, I have decided to dress better for the weather. 

I personally think I've got moderately better over the years and got out of some bad habits:
> I no longer live in leggings - leggings are great, I'd be nothing without them BUT Summer is not the time to be frolicking about in skintight black jersey material.
> I don't have "cardigan" as a default setting - Hard one this one, I've never liked how my arms look but IM OVER IT. Being close to passing out from heat exhaustion is worse than a couple of yoofs judging my wings of bingo.
> There doesn't have to be quite so much Sublime bronze - my years of smelling of chips and oozing orange are over. I'll still apply it occasionally (I'm not a monster!) but every morning?!? NO. It just makes me hotter and my cats lick me incessantly because they think I'm a giant crisp.

I'm never going to be a "festival ready" ethereal Summer sunflower but I intend to enjoy the sun this year rather than taking to my bed with a solero and a fan pointing at my sweaty brow. 

Below are a couple of frocks I'm contemplating. As I've said before, I struggle with maxi because maxi isn't maxi on me. It's moderately maxi. With the exception of this dress I got a couple of years ago from Love at Topshop. I have cut my face off because I look angry and this is a positive space damnit. Also, what is with that posture?!? I can't even imagine where my ample bosom is...

So these are my tall girl in the sunshine picks for this coming Summer. 

Prrrrrretty limited right now but I'm well into the black Long Tall Sally dress. Watch this space!

What are your satorial plans for summer? I also plan to get a bikini body. You know: Get a bikini, put it on my body.... 

Em x

PS. I hilariously just managed to make my phone read this whole post out loud. Now my Siri dude thinks I'm a right dick...



  1. Oh the heat! I get a little grumpy with excessive heat, but warmth on my skin is lovely - I shaved the other week, it took 30 minutes! 30! from the ankle to the knee too, don't want to get too carried away! love the pics, the first is amazing, I'm glad you found some lovely length maxi's too x x x

    1. I couldn't even contemplate the top of my legs, the circumference alone is terrifying! I keep attempting to comment on your blog but am having real issues for some reason (it will be me - guarantee it) You are a sheer delight and your posts are like a shining star in my days, you are a lady of style and brilliance x


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