Thursday, 2 January 2014

Ooh look at my face

Just a brief post to get across HOW MUCH I LOVE MY NEW MAKEUP. 

Now I am by no means "good at makeup". Despite numerous courses when working for various door to door cosmetic companies (yeah guys, I'm just THAT rock and roll), I still feel like I'm playing when I put my face on. Despite this, I've really really got into makeup over the last year, to the extent that, rather than just buying a shitload of things on 3for2 and hoping for the best, I now research. Yes, my face is now a science to me (If I become any more self centered I will implode....)

So, this Christmas I requested Benefit "Boing" concealer. I'd seen an infinite amount of glowing reviews from Bloggers and media alike so I thought I'd give it a go ANDOHMYGOODNESSITISMAGIC. 
Now, I'm going to level with you, the before picture is my face at its worst, I had a cold and haven't slept well for pretty much what feels like nine billion years, so I'm splotchy and a bit baggy. Despite this, I do have quite clear skin (touch wood, watch me come out in boils and scales now....): Fat don't crack, you get me?!? So I can't testify for this concealer being a miracle worker, I can, however, testify for it being really really freaking good. 

The consistency is a bit like an oil paint but it has a matte finish and the strong pigment means you hardly need any at all to make a difference. Just for scientific purposes, the pic below is just with the concealer and no other makeup.
As I say, I had a cold so any dryness is probably snot and not the makeup itself (sorry, good job I don't get paid to review things eh?) Please see below the other items I used to draw on my "after face"
These were all reviewed in my last post with the exception of:
Benefit "eye BRIGHT" eye brightener pencil
Benefit "ooh la lift" under eye brightener
ELF cosmetics studio matte lip colour in Coral

What "miracle" tools do you have in your makeup bags? And is it just me who has really begun to love faffing around with my face for longer than is truly acceptable...?

Em x


  1. Great post madam. I have stopped using Benefit just doesn't work on my over 30 skin...seems to be a 'young persons' make up brand.

    I now seem to head to where the greyer haired ladies are going.


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