Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Bigfoot and The Hender-Smyths

As many of you will know (because I mention it on a regular) I am tall. Not the tallest, very tall or ever reeeaallly tall but tall nonetheless. I'm six foot without heels, and I like it a lot, to the extent that I am relatively happy in any heels that I don't immediately fall off/through/over.
Dream shoes (Don't go up to Smyth size....) from Bait Footwear
I also have big giant feet, which are all the better for walking on. I joke that I have big feet or I'd fall over which is both hilarious (!) and ironic as I actually fall over my stupid big feet more than anything else there is (Although I did once almost lose a foot by getting tangled up in a stray bicycle spoke in a way somewhat reminiscent of a dolphin getting its face stuck in a beer can plastic loop thing that Blue Peter always told us to CUT THE HELL UP OR ALL THE ANIMALS WILL DIE)
My feet are a size nine, or a wide eight. Or in the case of my bridesmaid shoes earlier in the year; a seven with my toes curled through the peeptoe and under my foot.... Years ago being this size was a massive issue. Now, not so much.
Most of my shoes are from Primark - The reasons being:
Every now and then though, I want something different and I would like to share with you now my go-to places and why they are as such, All shoes pictured are instore at the moment and available in size 9 or an 8 wide fit:
Oh Topshop Topshop Topshop, WHY YOU COST SO MUCH?!?! Topshop's shoes are flaming beautiful, they're always so fashion forward and well made - My biggest issues are: The cost - These shoes ARE 'spensive, but I must confess, you get what you pay for. The sizing - Be careful with Topshop 9s, they vary HUGELY in size..
Most of my shoes that aren't from Primark are from New Look. Again the range is huge, the only thing I find is that the quality becomes less as the size increases... The sizing is generally spot on though, and the price is always fantastic (Leather boots for £25 anyone...?)
I used to live in Faith shoes as they were one of the first companies to do fashionable shoes in a size 9. Faith is stocked by Debenhams and ASOS now and the range online is pretty extensive. The quality is great but the larger sizes tend to be out of stock prrretty quickly.
I must confess, I've not bought anything from Clarks since I was young enough to put my feet in the squeezy foot measurer. However, on doing some investigationing THERE ARE LOADS OF SIZE NINES GUYS. As you'd imagine, the quality is amazing, which is reflected in the price...
Ive always found Next a bit blah, but their shoes are actually very nice, when it comes to occasions, its become my go-to place. Definitely worth a look.
ASOS is doing a cracking job of size 9s at the moment - Just look at these babies (I NEEEED the silver cut out laceups please!!!) I've never bought shoes from ASOS though and would be intrigued to know about the sizing and quality. 
Evans shoes are absolutely lovely, the different width fittings means that you can pretty much get a bespoke fit. The prices are spot on for the high street and they occasionally have some really good styles. The biggest issue I have is that the styles simply do not change enough, even if the colours/finishes do. But then, if it ain't broke, why fix it...?
I'm so pleased I found Simply Be, its really opened it my shoe shopping opportunities. Once again, the variety of width fittings mean that there are so many more options. I bought my beloved over (under on me) the knee boots from here and my Winter was saved! 
This was the shocker for me - Zara do size nines! They are under the!) heading of "Special Sizes" and haven't yet tried any but once again, I've had my options expanded and look forward to giving them a go.
Some others to give a go are:
My dream shoes would be vintage look, possibly with glitter, definitely with a block day...
Any other bigfoots out there? Where do you shop? And more importantly, link me to your dream shoes!!!!


  1. oh Blue Peter and great advice! I'm a size 5 although for years I thought I was a 4 and didn't understand why my feet always hurt, common sense eluded me! great shoe selection there, sparkles and leopard are always winners, and those silver lace ups are quite tasty! I can't believe this but I have silver glitter shoes with a block heel and vintage style from Faith, they were a fiver and my most precious shoes ever! they are on one of my posts, my stubby feet do them no justice hehe!x x x

    1. Ooooh do you have a link to your post? I was reading (and am now following) your blog and was getting EXTREMELY carried away the other night, I love your word usage! I wonder what impact having size four feet would have for me. Reckon it's biologically possible....?!? x

    2. you are very lovely!
      it would be like walking on toes, much better you buy fabulous shoes for your lovely feet!
      as a tech-idiot, I have no clue how to link - but click august on history and it's the first post x x x

  2. Great post! Some great selections there. I actually have some glitter block heel heel shoes from Next that have a bit of a twenties feel to them. I'll send you a pic if I can unearth them x

    1. Thank you ever so much lovely lady! Please do send a pic, I covet sparkly shoes but rarely see anything I could walk in! x

  3. Another size 9er here- hi!!! 5'11 and proud!!! I have to say Clarks are my favourite- BEAUTIFUL (but expensive) items that last forever!! Hush Puppies boots are also to die for! Also, I love a bit of Dr Marten and Irregular Choice! Go have a foot ball (see what I did there?!??!!!!!) xxx

    Abbie x


    1. Growing up I really did think I was the oddest person on earth, I so wish I could go back in time and introduce us to each other - I lived in Dr Martens growing up, with a glorious array of laces! Thank you ever so much for the tips, I've lusted over many a pair of Irregular Choice shoes but never taken the plunge - now could be the time...! x

  4. I have little feet but still read this post, cos I wanted to.


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