Channeling The Hendricks

So this is a purely vanity based post. After lustily admiring the gorgeous Christina Hendricks for around 17 hours last night, I decided to give her look a go (minus all the wonderful parts that make her but plus some of the "different" things that make me....)
Isn't she breathtaking? Like a magic statue.
I liked dressing up as Christina, it was nice and sexy and altogether a better way of life. Maybe I should start being actually classy?!?!? Classy ladies drink Ribena right...? And I'd still be allowed Pringles...?

I fully recommend this exercise for anyone a bit bored and also a bit cold (I pushed the wrong boiler button and hot's not currently an option...) You can dress up an ANYONE YOU LIKE; Tomorrow I might try Chris De Burgh.....


  1. You look amazing....but Chris De Burgh? Too awesome. ;) x

  2. You look amazing! Pringles and Ribena are mega classy! :)



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