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Work work work THAT'S ALL I EVER DO! ....Well...actually...I also eat, sleep,occasionally bathe and spend a hell of a lot of time talking about how all I do is work...But all of that aside, as I'm sure is the same with some of you, I spend A LOT of time at work. And alas, work necessitates clothes. 

This morning, I was enviously reading http://plumpparsnip.blogspot.co.uk/ and drooling at how Cass manages to look gorgeous, cool and individual for work, she makes it look SO easy. (Check her out, she's so jealousy inducing it's ridiculous)

And this got me to thinking (yeah, that's right: THINKING) My work wardrobe is grim. I used to work in a job that meant I had to be in business dress aaaall the time, I was practically sewn into my black skirt suit (From Next and more politician at a funeral than Dolly Parton). At this point in my life, I wasn't particularly interested in colour or cut, plus I was a bit rubbish at my job so was happy to hide quietly behind the photocopier...

Now, I work in a job where the dress code is much more casual, but despite being there for nearly four years, I haven't invested in much new at all. It's all the old stuff, mixed with things I don't like enough to be seen in during my free time. And cardigans. Lots of cardigans. 

The pictures below are examples from this week and last, and they look even more depressing en masse. It's all blue and black and grey and brown. SAD.
I quite like the dress on the right, the cut is classy and the neckline offers itself to an array of large necklaces that turn my neck green - perfect. But the other looks are depressing as sin. 

When I dress good, I feels good, it's as simple as that. So I am making myself a promise right now, I am going to stop being a sad little office bitch, and become a bright, vibrant bubble of office wonderfulness. 

A bit of inspiration here. Now to get on with it!!

Does anyone have any advice on how to do this without spending a fortune? Dress me! Dress me!

Em x


  1. Can't wait to see you in some of your new work outfits x

  2. Just adding colours would help.... I get loads of cheap pencil skirts and coloured t-shirts from primark, and cheap shoes too. Some interesting tights would perk up you nice smart dresses I think. As far as I'm concerned I spend more days at work than at home so theres no point in keeping clothes for work & non work. The only things I don't wear to work are things that are too revealing or sexy. Everything else in my wardrobe is fair game! Xx

  3. Go forth and SHOP! You deserve brightness and colour and stylish shimmies down the office xx

  4. What they all said!!!!!
    You still look good in the outfits you showed though xxx

  5. I did this. I used to wear black every single day at work and it is so depressing! Bright colours and patterns have definately made me more cheerful x

  6. Primark do some cheap, great things now. They have a good range of blazers as do Zara. I'm looking forward to seeing what you get! xx



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