Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Three years for crying out loud

This post is going to be pretty dull for most of you, but today is MY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY - three years for crying out loud. 
It's odd because it feels like three years of marriage but not three years since the wedding, which was genuinely the greatest day of my tiny life. All we wanted was a party and to leave married, and that's totally what we did. We had a magnificent (and meaningful) venue, the most awesome band, the photographer is to this day one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever met and most importantly for us, we got the spend the day with the greatest family and friends two people could wish for.

My lasting memory will always be our first dance, it was like in one of those Disney films (or Sabrina the teenage witch) where the couple start dancing and end up floating in the air gazing into each others eyes. YUK GROSS BUT IT REALLY FELT THAT WAY and I'm one of the least soppy people on earth...

So this is a rather pointless post, the man what I married doesn't read my blog (there are no watches or men's shoes on it) but if he did I'd say: Hey there funny face, thanks for doing a marry at me, it's worked out alright hasn't it?!? 

Here's to love in whatever form you find it. May we all love who we love and one day find our lobsters.


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