Wednesday, 4 September 2013

OOYD (outfit of yesterday innit)

I went out last night. I went for pie to celebrate the anniversary thing. I entirely didn't know what to wear, it's not hot but it's not cold, also I wanted to look nice (in a "now do you remember why you married me?!?" way) But I didn't want to overdo it because we were only going to the pub. For the aforementioned pie. 

I did the usual: throw everything in a sweaty pile on the floor, get an angry looking hot fringe and ultimately fall out with myself big style. That's when I remembered my ASOS Summer dress...

Nice innit?!? I fell for it after seeing a girl in Revolucion de Cuba, perched on the edge of a stool looking all Audrey Hepburn-y and serene. (Totally achievable non?!?) After following her into the toilet and threatening her with violence (extremely mild violence, Chinese burn/gentle flocking etc) if she didn't tell me where it was from, I got straight on my phone and ordered it there and then.

It's a terribly easy to wear dress, the length is perfect for me and there's plenty of pie room in the waistband. I wore it last night with my gold go-to sandals, my old and expensive leather jacket and my huge rose gold ear danglers.
(You'll have to forgive my miserable mug in these pictures, I was in the pub toilets (classy bird me) and if someone walked in on me I wanted to look mildly less knobby...)

Dress: ASOS 
SANDALS: River Island
Leather jacket: Oasis 

On most people, the back looks beee-autiful, not so much on me, I just have an awful lot of back, it's all over the place and in this picture it looks a tad misshapen...BUT when I have grown my hair aaaaaall the way to my bottom (I've only been growing it since I was 8 - GIVE ME CHANCE) it won't matter so much any more as all you will see is a curtain of glossy locks. Like Penelope Cruz. Or a Shetland pony.

The dress can be found Here and is available in black, blue, yellow and white.
To see it on another hottie, lovely Sera at the Agoraphobic fashionista reviews it Here.

And did he remember why he married me...? Well, I think he was getting there until a bottle of bolly and 9 hours of snoring got in the way... Ah well, at least love's blind eh....?


  1. Lovely dress lady and there's nowt wrong with your back, you daft arse. :) x

  2. Thanks so much for linking me here you hottie. And a hottie you are. Absolutely gorgeous back flashing!!! x


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