Sunday, 8 September 2013

OOTD - Plus North Simply Be sexy wiggle time

 I'm sure none of you will know about this tiny little event I went to this weekend called Plus North...


As I said in my last post; It was an incredible weekend, just INCREDIBLE. And I was lucky enough to not only attend but also model for Simply Be.

I was thrilled to find out that I would be modelling for them (Even typing it feels fraudulent!) I've seen so many lovely ladies blog items from this company and couldn't wait to see what I'd be wearing. 
Simply Be chose to have me wear the Project D Olympia dress in Magenta.
When I first saw that this was the dress, I was excited beyond recognition. I mean, LOOK AT IT - IT'S BEAUTIFUL. But then I became a bit worried. It is a maxi. Look, the pretty lady in the picture has it trailing on the floor because it is MAXI. Maxis are great but I too am maxi, 6ft in fact. So I got a bit scared. Then it was delivered, I put it on, it was shorter than the picture but I DIDN'T CARE BECAUSE: LOOK AT IT - IT'S BEAUTIFUL.

The dress has a lovely plunging neckline and contrast satin side panels which are one of my favourite features of the dress, they take it away from being a full lace dress and give it a real sophisticated edge. It has two layers: the gorgeous heavy lace on the top and a satin lining that peeks through the lace and feels beautiful against your skin. The exposed zip on the back gives it a real a modern touch.
Excuse the blurry picture, I didn't tell anyone how to actually use my camera
As you can see from the picture above (albeit a blurry one!) the Olympia is extremely figure-hugging but because of the fabric and the lining, it accentuates the sexy bits and contains any parts you may want to...well...contain. Yes, the dress does come up a bit short on me, but because of the fit, I think it works. It also means that there is nothing for me to fall over, which is always a bonus for me. 

I felt sexy as hell in the Olympia, it even made me walk differently, I felt like I was wiggling in a Mad Men style (Anybody who saw me, if this is NOT how I was walking, don't tell me - I have my pride right?!?) The number of comments I received on the dress was obscene, everyone seemed to adore it - Thank you Simply Be for choosing the Olympia for me, I have never worn an item more coveted by people in my whole life. 
When it came to the catwalk, I actually got a bit nervous... I needn't have though, because the audience were incredible - What an atmosphere (Full and endless respect here to Kathryn from Miss Kathryns MissTakes, everyone has mentioned it today, but she made every single woman there feel welcome and gorgeous, what a true diamond she is)  There was whooping, clapping whistling and THAT WAS JUST ME, I smiled all the way and it was a real smile, a full, from the belly smile.
Headpiece by the lovely Debbie at DC Bouquets
At the end of the catwalk, all the models stopped to receive their much deserved adoration - Just look at all these hotties. More importantly, just look at all those beautiful, genuine smiles - Isn't is a wonderful thing?
Between the other catwalks, I had a mooch around the various stands mentally adding things to my "I must have these items or my life will be an empty shell" list. They are all actually from Simply Be - I seem to have forged extreme brand loyalty here (Give me a gorgeous frock and I'm all yours...This is also how I ended up married...) Their Autumn range is just stunning, lovely mixed textures, houndstooth, checks and clothes meant to be worn by a log fire with whisky in hand.

The dress on the left was actually modelled by Lyndsey from Une Monstre Bell and in all honesty, she looked even better in it than the model on the website (Plus she's flaming awesome just in general)
On this note, I met so many mega people in the space of 24 hours. I hope that there'll be more events like this in the near future so I can get all up in their faces again (Whether they like it or not)
This is Barry the Pug, I bought him from Chloe at Life's Big Canvas - She had a veritable smorgasbord of jewellery and other niceties that I wanted and I had to limit myself largely...(Especially seeing as she's so awesome and I get a bit carried away when I'm being in love at someone...)

I couldn't pick a fault with the entire day (Except I ate too many sweets because I'm a moron) Becky and Toni are incredible women for giving so many other people such happy memories and positive experiences - I hope they realise what an impact an event like this has.


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  1. You flipping amazing, gorgeous creature you.

    This dress was made for you, for your curves and your poise.

    MWAH xx

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