I freaking LOVE Autumn, it's the most wonderful time of the year. Falling leaves, big jumpers, Hull Fair and NO SWEATING. Hurray!!! 

This OOTD is a homage to things I love about Autumn (except hats, I feel that wearing a hat indoors is frankly odd so headwear will have to wait for an outside post) 

It also gives me the opportunity to showcase my new leather look skirt, which I am very pleased with myself about....
Leather look skirt: H&M 
This is the skirt in question, bit fit isn't it?!? It zips and press studs up the back and looks VERY leathery (unlike a lot of the other farcical skirts I tried during my search) The only issue is, this is a 16 and it is TIGHT. VERY TIGHT. Despite this, as long as I wear a longer jumper I should be fine. Enter stage left The Autumn jumper.
This particular Autumn jumper is from Topshop last year. This is a size 10 and is HUUUUUUGE, excitingly for me, even the sleeves are long enough. I rarely get to wear this jumper for two reasons: 1) This jumper is really warm, terrifyingly so. 2) I can't fit any of my coats on over it...

I wore the skirt and oven jumper with tights and my lovely suede look knee boots that I bought around 10 years ago for £3 from ShoeZone of all places, why do I never find bargains like this any more?!?! The overall look was looking a bit vapid so I grabbed my red tartan Primark carpet bag that I desperately want to replace this year (keep your eyes open for me!) 
I really like this look, I'm trying to find other tops to wear with the fabulous skirt but it's definitely going to be a wardrobe staple for autumn/winter 2013. 
You'll see that I've gone for the fresh faced look with my makeup, my skin is an absolute ruin at the moment and I'm pretty much covered in sudocreme or toothpaste whenever I'm not at work to try and get the spots to remove themselves. The lipstick is a natural collection one, their pale and nude lipsticks are my favourite by far - They're moisturising and don't crease like a lot of others are prone to. Eyeshadow is Mac and mascara is Benefit "they're real" which I need to have eyes (Even though I'm considering brown mascara for the near future to look a bit less panda-y) 

I hope everyone else is excited about Autumn, I love forward to seeing your wardrobes!



  1. Love this outfit...tartan is my fave this autumn. I even dared to wear tartan in Scotland at the weekend.

    I'm thinking of investing in skirts and big jumpers this autumn but not ventured outside of the dress yet...x

  2. This is a gorgeous Autumn outfit! x


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