Saturday, 31 August 2013

Wherein I attempt to have some pin up class - Featuring Fullilove Designs

I've been after a wiggle dress for a while but have never found one that goes in and out in the right places for my lovely lady lumps. I've trawled eBay and Etsy many a time but have worried about spending ££££s on something I've not even tried on. AND THEN I FOUND THIS:
Just look at the shape - isn't it bloody glorious?!? My super smashing great husband had offered to buy me a dress for being extremely good at drumming up business for him and I am always happy to receive commission in the form of frocks (Unless I actually need actual money in order to pay for food/wine/cat food/a roof over my head). So he ordered me it and on Friday IT ARRIVED. AND I PUT IT ON. AND I AM NEVER TAKING IT OFF.
Dress: Fullilovesdesigns available from Etsy
Shoes: Melissa and Vivienne Westwood
The dress is handmade by the lovely Scarlet at FullilovesDesigns, Scarlet was incredibly kind and informative from the moment I ordered the dress  and kept me up to date until the day of delivery - I got a bit gushy after I'd first put it on and pretty much emailed her a love letter explaining how she's now changed my life forever and she's not had a restraining order against me so this demonstrates JUST how great she is.
The dress is a gorgeous light cotton with a zip up the back and a tie halterneck. The shape and seams mean that it is extremely supportive (Physically, not emotionally) (Although I haven't tested this yet so it may well also be emotionally supportive, I'll get back to you on this) I still wore it with my magic cycling shorts to assist with the hourglass thang and my strapless Wonderbra, which I would recommend to all who they cater to. The ties on the halterneck are ever so long so it can be tied in a big flirty bow (Is flirty the right word?!?) I love love love the pinup look and cant wait to try dressing it down with loose hair and my red shoes.
Shoes: Melissa and Vivienne Westwood
Hair Flower: Imogens Imagination available at Birds Yard
For the photos, I paired the dress with my wedding shoes, the ever glorious Vivienne Westwood and Melissa jelly shoes that smell of sweeties and make my feet cry in pain, and a newly acquired flower grip from Imogens Imagination (My birdcage wedding veil was actually made by Imogen and I have a few other fascinators from her stand at Birds Yard in Sheffield - If you've not been: GO)
OBVIOUSLY, this dress needed red lips so I used my new and first ever lip liner that I now need because I am aging and my lips are sliding off my face...But actually it's not been that traumatic using it and I like that I can make my lips MASSIVE if I want (and probably will after wine...) I kept my eyes bare other than eyeliner and mascara, partly because I was exhausted after the lip liner and partly because I knew I'd have to take it off and that's TOUGH DUDE.
Lipliner: Lasting Finish by Rimmel in Red Dynamite
Lipgloss: Apocalips by Rimmel in Stellar
Mascara: Benefit They're Real!
I have had years of struggling for a "Go to" dress for those times when you're feeling crappy and HERE IT IS - HUUURRRRAAAAYYYYYY.
I'd be intrigued to know what other people go to when they need a bit of magic- Feel free to let me know!


  1. You look fuckin' lush in that dress yoi do. I know what you mean about the westwood melissas.... I had to sell mine cause they killed me.

  2. Thank you lovelies! The dress is MAGIC x


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