Monday, 26 August 2013

This has been August. Brought to you by....

Ok, I know it's still August, but I wanted to do a small "Round-up" post and it seems a bit weird doing a weekly round-up on a Monday...even if it is bank holiday...I suppose by this logic, I could make this a round-up of 2013. Or even a round-up of the 2000s...but I've made it weird enough so let's stick with the August thing....SO, this summary will be of things that I've not already mentioned in my blog, but if any of you follow me on Twitter (Or I suppose know me in "real life") you might already know the deal:

The Rabbit
I'm not actually a fan of rabbits in real life, I mean, they're very "cute" and all that, and they have well cool ears that just don't seem real but make them really easy to draw (I don't HATE them or anything, I actually find Watership Down extremely distressing and am getting a bit emo just thinking about it...) Despite this, I've wanted a rabbit tattoo for a long time.
It stems back to the very first full conversation I had with my Husband, the conversation where we realised that, actually, we might have something in common after all. I won't get into it but despite the rumours, it has nothing to do with "being at it like rabbits" or rabbits that require batteries of any nature. So last week I went and had it done, and I like it.
Victoria's Secret  
If you follow me on Twitter, you cant have missed me going on and on and on about my life changing trip to Victoria's Secret. A couple of months ago, I noticed that a store was opening in Meadowhall and my exact thoughts were as follows: "Oh, brilliant, another shop full of ridiculously attractive young girls with bouncy hair and bouncy other things, making me feel all crap about how I can't go shopping without sweating and being generally an even more gruesome version of myself" So I'd written off that entire area of Meadowhall (In case they have the girls that come out of the shop and make you feel crap in what should be the safe area near the escalators and the people that sell soap) It meant that I'd have to walk even further and use the stairs in Marks and Spencer's but NEEDS MUST AND ALL THAT. 
But then a weird thing happened: I accidentally went down the escalator (I was tired and a bit weak from trying to decide whether to have an omelette or not) and I kind of just ended up in the doorway...It smelt nice, and I mean reeeeeal nice. And people were smiling, with REAL smiles. Not Costa coffee smiles. ACTUAL SMILES, where their eyes are smiling too. So I walked in a bit further...
And then I panicked.
There are a lot of bras in Victoria's Secret, I reckon at least 259 bras. And they're all in different colours. Some have got lace on them, or flowers, or sparkly bits....and then there's pants as well, different shapes and textures and they're just EVERYWHERE. And I hadn't had the omelette so I simply was not ready for all of this. Thank goodness, at that point a lovely lady turned up, she must have seen me clinging to the thong display with my sweaty little sausage fingers and taken pity. I managed to get across to her that I wanted a bra and that I was someone who is never knowingly not talking more than is required.
We walked around and talked about the styles and the fabrics and probably some other stuff that I'll have brought up (I'm generally quite starved of attention, so as soon as I get an audience I'm off) I decided that I'd have a fitting, I'm confident that I know my size but know that different ranges can have a different fit. I was originally measured at my sister size of 36D, but after discussion and trying on different shapes and cuts, we agreed that I was much better in a 34DD (I flail around a lot and like to know that I ain't gonna flop out anywhere)
I went for the Body by Victoria Perfect Shape Bra in black - It is truly lovely to wear in that its soft beyond all belief (I cannot stop inadvertently fondling myself), has full coverage, a natural shape with just the right amount of boost and very pretty lace detailing. I'd love to have the confidence to blog it in situ but I'm not quite there yet so have put the image from the website above (For anyone who cares enough, photoshop my face on, she's got pretty much exactly the same body as me...ahem...) It was such a fabulous shopping experience, I can see why people are so loyal to the brand. Plus, at £40 and for the quality and comfort, I feel like I got an extremely good deal.
 Body by Victoria Perfect Shape Bra; Victoria's Secret
Strange outfits 
This has been an odd couple of weeks for getting dressed. I've not been at optimum health and have been getting VERY sweaty. Very sweaty indeed. Plus, my wonderful and ever unpredictable stomach has been a tad aggressive in the amount that it has been deciding to protrude. This means that it's all been a bit "If it fits and doesn't absorb liquid, wear it"
I've read time and time again, bloggers saying that blogging makes you think a lot more about what you're wearing, and it really does. I probably wear the same things, but I'm more likely to put on a slightly more interesting pair of shoes, or a bigger piece of jewellery, or a "snazzy" hat (Ok, this last bits not true but just you wait for Autumn...)
Please see some of my more unplanned "looks" below:
Wastrel Necklace: Blackheart Creatives
Dress/Tunic: H&M
Leggings: H&M
Jacket: H&M
Shoes: Primark
Bag: John Lewis
Changing Room: M&S
(Why did I even try to get a bra here...?)
Oversized top: Primark

Top: Second Hand, Cow Sheffield
Raincoat: Primark

Shirt: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Boots: New Look
Bag: John Lewis

 As you can see, nothing quite seems to go and to be honest, if I've been able to wear my Primark duck parka zipped up over something, I have. (Not helping with the sweat) I'm looking forward to getting back into tights and jumpers, this Summer has nearly finished me off. MUST TRY HARDER. Any motivation and inspiration for September would be greatly appreciated, what do YOU do when creativity has left you...?

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  1. This made me laugh. I love the Victoria secret bit. I'm sure you haven't got sausage fingers! X



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