Wednesday, 14 August 2013

OOTD - What I wore to go to Morrisons for some crisps

I told you that I never really do anything, however, going to Morrisons DOES necessitate clothes, so here we go (Other Northern supermarkets are available but they probably don't display their vegetables in kick ass dry ice) I had a pretty exhausting day today, I could feel my eyebrows getting lower and lower down my face, but we still needed to do shopping because we'd run out of Cornettos and Cornettos are important.
I have a love/hate relationship with jeans, I only ever wear them in summer which is entirely ridiculous but I don't tend to get my knees out and even I, the queen of tights, can't subject my parts to them in this kind of weather. These jeans are from Primark, they're the "Supersoft skinny" (awwwww) and I'm fairly sure they were £7. I am so glad I found them, They're lovely and soft and as long as you don't anger the zip, they seem to last for ages. I was already wearing my H&M black vest (which I found a small hole in today and then I kept sticking my finger in the hole and now it's a big hole) so I just kept it on because its really hot and I don't want to move around more than I have to.
Coverup: TKMaxx
Vest: H&M
Jeans: Primark
Now we come to the Piece of Resistance, "The Crazy fun flowery jacket thing with wings". I bought this two months ago from TK Maxx, it was in with the swimwear type things but I felt it may be more suitable (and less insane) over actual clothes. This too was £7, the label says Pia Rossini (me neither...) I love this jackety thing; I (like most) am not a lover of my arms, they're highly functional but they tend to move independently of all my other parts, so a light coverup like is a godsend.
Look how happy the crazy wings make me
I wore all of the above with my cutout Primark pumps, which I estimate have a month left before I replace them with some new leather loafers that I will then probably destroy in under a week.
Cutout pumps: Primark
Now people, we have a problem: My house is too small for me to take pictures of myself. I have a perfectly lovely camera but I just can't get it in the right place and none of my rooms are long enough to be far away enough from it to fit me all in. Hence the horrendous iPhone pictures. I will work something out but it certainly won't involve utilising my husband as a photographer because he is CRAP at making me look good so I have locked him in the cellar.
Anyway, I will leave you with a picture of me in my "Spaghetti bolognese" lipstick. It's a Dior Addict Extreme called "Riviera", I bought it because Kate Moss has it. Although she doesn't look like she's just eaten spaghetti bolognese. I was worried about adding a posey pouty picture but then I thought about the gorgeous Leah from Just me,Leah and how much I love her lovely lippie pictures so I went for it (thanks Leah!)

Dior Addict Extreme in Riviera
Fingers crossed I'll have come up with a photo solution soon, if not, I will draw what I'm wearing. I have loads of crayons, shouldn't be a problem....


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  1. I love your floral wingy thingy! And your pout. If women weren't meant to pout, we'd all have lips like that jammy beeyotch Angelina Jolie. x


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