Wednesday, 21 August 2013

OOTD - Librarian "Chic"

I know some people say vintage, and in most cases the clothes ARE vintage but because I don't know what classes as vintage, I prefer to say second hand (Or in the case of a lot of things my Husband buys: Dead man's clothes - Seriously, he always manages to get the grimmest items, my particular favourite being the anorak with fried egg stains on the front and a tweed jacket that turns him into Steptoe)
I buy a lot of second hand dresses, Sheffield has always been fabulous for "Vintage" shops but they seem now to be catering more to the Yoof market, all cut off denim shorts and 80s flashdance shizzle. Don't get me wrong, there's totally a place for all of this but I'm more of an old fashioned cow so I'm relying more on eBay for what I'm after.
My Mum's wardrobe in the 70s and 80s was incredible, and I find myself increasingly drawn to things that are pretty much identical to things I've seen in her photos. Unfortunately, they never made it to me because a) Unlike me, she doesn't hoard and b) She was a size 10... But that doesn't stop me coveting the following:
A thick green rollneck batwing woollen jumper
Maroon Pixie Boots
Knee length button up denim skirt
All of the skirt suits she owned
I bought this dress last year from Freshmans in Sheffield and haven't yet managed to debut it. The idea is that I'll autumn it up with thick tights and knee boots (Which I need desperately - Last year was NOT a good year for tan leather knee boots) But I quite like how it looks with the red platforms and bare legs.
I'm a big fan of a pussy bow (always feel a bit rude saying that) and you cant beat a crazy ass psychedelic print. The only thing with this dress is that it is a tad synthetic, meaning SWEAT. Yuk. Serious sauna frock.
Dress: Secondhand, Freshmans
Shoes:  New Look

Excuse my hair in these pictures, it's in dire need of a wash but I simply don't have the energy or inclination (Even Batiste can't help me here...)
Bag: Birthday gift from a gorgeous friend
I'd definitely team this outfit with my big strong snazzy satchel that was a gift a couple of years ago from the same friends I went away with last week (They have taste!) I can fit EVERYTHING in this bag, plus it smells of goat and I love me a good goat.
Do you like a bit of Vintage/Second hand? Any recommendations of places to check out?


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