OOTD - Bling bling all in yo face

I've had a lovely weekend, I went on an adventure to North Yorkshire and ate and drank pretty much all of the things there. All of them. Seriously, I overindulged and THEN SOME. We went with some of our friends that we're pretty much guaranteed an awesome time with, long gone is the raving and the late night kebabs but we have managed to replace them with some other terrible habits (I vomited on their baby through a lampshade funnel but that's a story for another time...)
On the Saturday night, we went to The Black Sheep brewery for some MEAT and some WINE and it was entirely delicious.  On planning what to wear, I decided that I'd dress up a bit, because I can and also because I am crap at smart casual. I simply cannot do the dressy jeans thing, I look like a denim sausage and my feet always look massively unstable (quite accurately in all honesty).
I knew that it would be hot at the brewery because it always is and also because I'd be full of the aforementioned MEAT and WINE. I had a book when I was younger called "Father Christmas' vacation" and it was basically about what Father Christmas does when he's not being awesome and bringing us all presents. At one point, he goes to Paris and visits the Moulin Rouge, whilst there he eats too many prawns and drinks too much brandy and THIS IS ME whenever we go to North Yorkshire. I get sweaty and bloated and a bit panicky. The point of me telling you all of this is that my clothing choice had to reflect this similarity with old Crimbo chops. I didn't want to wear anything too thick and squeezy, or it might have stopped me doing three courses, and nobody wants that. Nobody.
Dress: H&M
Tights: Primark
Shoes: Faith
SO I wore my beautiful maroon H&M dress with the snazzy collar. I HEART this dress massively, I bought it in Seville but I know that it was on sale over here too. Its a 60s mod style with stitching under the bust and an A Line skirt. The sleeves are gloriously roomy and a spot on length for my gun show.
The collar on this dress really is mega, it is beaded but not too heavily, meaning that yes, it is dressy, but in a sort of rocking way, rather than a pashmina and pearls way.
I would have usually worn the dress with a pair of my Primark "support" tights (They support my gut, not my varicose veins, of which I do not yet own any) but, once again, the extent of my overindulgence would have meant these would have cut off circulation and I'd have almost certainly ripped them off in a blind panic round the back of a bus stop. So I wore some normal un-supportive tights.

I then wore my black ankle boots. These are not in the photos BECAUSE a funny thing has happened: It turns out that my knees are wrong. Well I assume its my knees. And if they're not wrong yet, they very soon will be. I put my boots on just before leaving the house and I felt a tad lopsided, so I looked at the heels of my boots and they were entirely CRACKERS. they're at a 45 degree angle where the inside of the heel is about an inch and a half higher than the outside of the heel, on both shoes - WHAT CAN THIS MEAN?!?! SO I am taking them to be re-shod, and I am also going to try and learn to walk in a non-crazy style.
The shoes in these pictures are some snakeskin stylees from Faith, they are not outside in public shoes as they aren't deep enough to stay on my feet unless I slide. And this doesn't fit in with the new learning to walk properly thing I've got going on.
Eyes by Chanel
Lips by Natural collection
Bags by staying out past bedtime...
I look shattered in these pictures because I stayed up late looking at the moon, it kept blowing my mind (possibly because I don't smoke but I'd "had a go on" a massive cigar and it made me feel immediately a hundred times more inebriated than I already was,) It was so bright last night, and the clouds kept making it do all these incredible light shows. To anybody passing Masham church whilst a girl in a spangly collar poking out the top of an anorak with ducks on it was dancing around in purple wellies and going bananas over the waxing moon, that was me, HIYA. 
You'll notice the pictures are slightly better. I'm getting there guys - Just need to keep getting dressed and occasionally wash my hair and we're cooking on gas!


  1. Keep getting dressed and occasionally wash your hair! I think we might've been separated at birth! Love the dress. x

  2. Awwww thank you lovely! And we don't want to make TOO much of an effort or we'll do Mossy out of a job ;) x


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