Thursday, 22 August 2013

On being a Wastrel - Featuring Blackheart Creatives

I love the word Wastrel, I always have. It's like a "cute" way of saying "I am entirely useless at being a grown up but it's sort of not really my fault"
(I must make it clear at this point that I am not most definitely not a waif or in the slightest bit a neglected child, although: Mum, my shoes have holes in and I know I'm nearly 30 but I totally shouldn't have to deal with this crap...)
I ALSO love Blackheart Creatives. Seriously, LOVE them. They make laser cut acrylic jewellery that is distinctly UN-cute; Gorgeous pro-Fatshion pieces, Fabulously disgustingly sweary jewellery sets and most excitingly, custom pieces. Plus the mega hot lady behind all of this is basically a much cooler and talented version of me in a parallel world, so it made sense all round for me to GO GET ME A NECKLACE!
CHECK THIS OUT - How cool is this?!?! Never has one piece of jewellery made me feel so crazy sexy cool (Thank you for this description remaining members of TLC) It turned me straight into a not quite as good Chrissie Hynde.
I opted for sparkly black, simply because I know I'll wear it with a lot more, it sits on a long silver chain that is just spot on because you can either wear it lower down over or adjust it to be tighter around the neck (I went lower for these pictures in order to flash my ample bosom)
It arrived TWO DAYS AFTER ORDERING (because Charlotte is freaking amazing and like a tornado of productivity) in a lovely hand printed box and with sweeties, which you will notice don't feature in any pictures because I ate them before I'd even checked they were actually food...
Money incredibly VERY well spent in my opinion.
I first ordered from Blackheart Creatives for my darling friend The Wilson's hen party. She got a bright, bright, brightest pink Mrs K and I DID tell her that when she's married she has to wear it EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE BECAUSE SHE IS OWNED but she just laughed and walked away...ha...little does she know...
The Wilson readying herself for a life of being Mrs
Here's a bonus picture of Gary. She's all about the bling - Hey there Gary, looking hot gurrrl.

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