Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Not Quite Outfit of the day....

I can see me struggling with this OOTD lark at the moment, in that my most worn clothing are my pyjamas....I mean, I suppose I could post this and I probably will at some point (There's rabbits on some of them, Parisian rabbits no less) but I know that they will be of no interest to anyone. Also, I need to get a full length mirror that is Emma full length, I simply do not fit in most mirrors and I don't know anyone willing to humour me as a photographer. BUT NEVER MIND, they're my problems, not yours. Yet.
SO I'm going to start off my cheating a little bit and showing you the outfit I wore a week ago to a rather nice wedding (My husband was a best man and looked right fit but I'll not get distracted....) I find weddings terribly difficult, I always start off with the intention of going for a vintage look, but by the time I've decided I look ridiculous in a fascinator and have stopped sweating all over my shapewear, I end up going for something more simple. I had originally bought a crossover blue dress from H&M that I thought looked adorable in the shop, but when got it on I realised there were boobs AND knees - THIS IS NOT A THING I DO. So I diverted to a dress I had bought last month, a dress that provokes many a positive statement from those I meet. The Zara Sarong Dress.
Oooooh, isn't it lovely? Doesn't she look SERENE?!
I saw the dress on the peg and I thought "Oh that's very beautiful, that would look so nice on a person that goes to things. Things like the horse racing and church. Probably not me though, I just go to McDonalds and pop to the Co-op for a few bits" But some voice in my head said "Em, go on, try it on, at the very least we'll get a laugh when you get your arms stuck in the zip hole. Again." So I did. The largest they had was a Large, so I had already written the whole silly thing off as a bad job. But then it fit! And it only flaming zipped up!!! (I haven't got into a Zara thing with a side zip since I lived off chocolate milkshake and misery) And I really, really, REALLY liked it. So I bought it.
I first wore it for a shindig at my Mum and Dad's. Underneath the beautiful dress, I wore my wonderful pants that go down to my knees. Which in one way was very clever of me, in another way it was a bit thick. You see, this dress has a split, so the pants maintained my modesty but also made me look like I was just about to go off on a little bike ride. I wore the dress with flat gold sandals but I was really looking forward to dressing it up, which is where the picture below comes in:

Dress: Zara
Shoes: H&M many years ago
Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I struggle with classy, I can look it, and then I talk, or fall over, or see something I want to eat that is too big for my surprisingly small mouth and try and smash it in there anyway. But I think this is the closest I've come in a long time to pulling it off. I put a small "modesty stitch" in the "flap" and was able to wear normal sized massive pants instead of massive massive pants. I think this dress is incredibly flattering, I often find the waistlines on this kind of thing is either too high or has a bloody great bow at the back, but this one is lovely. It is also, dare I say it, comfortable. And I live in pyjamas.
The shoes are a pair of old favourites from New Look, they're a size 9 which means my toes don't have to be coaxed in and I think the orangey/tan colour means they go with a fair few things. Plus the heel is high enough to make my feet look normal sized but not so tall that I have to remain in high ceilinged rooms.

Bracelet: H&M

Earrings: H&M
I stopped the look from being too pretty-pretty with a chunky silver chain bracelet from H&M that I'm extremely pleased with, and a cheap as chips pair of diamante earrings, also from H&M. I'm well into their jewellery range at the moment, I've always been a fan but the current look is a great combination between romantic and masculine.
I would have taken more pictures but people kept selfishly coming into the toilets and looking at me with their eyes. So this has been my first OOTD - Bit picture sparse but an outfit nonetheless!



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